Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a 24 hours!

I'm so totally thankful and grateful for each and every one of your kind comments about Ren. I honestly couldn't believe as we took one hour at the time. I'm so lucky to have a vet that I've known for 10 years who knows me and our little furbabies. So, first thing this morning, I called him and he answered right away and said Ren was doing much better and we talked about reassessing everything, no heroics, we just want to make him comfortable due to his age.
After Ren got IV fluids he perked up and as his labs showed his thyroid had been functioning way overtime. His kidneys were not as bad as they first thought initially. Of course, he is old.

The Doctor knew we were coming at 4pm today. He didn't feel at this time he was suffering and had actually ate quite well today. He said not at this time  but if he got sick again real soon, it will be a different story.
We talked a long time and we brought him home with medication for his thyroid. Ren was glad to be in my arms again. And when I brought him home, he went walking around and  then curled up in his blanket.

So for this day, he is resting at home and as long as he is not suffering we will let him be.
We will take it one day at the time.
He is resting quite well now in his own blanket and Abbie has welcomed him back home with lots of barks!

I know this is so controversial and I do appreciate your support through this. It's been one busy day.
Besides this and figuring out fixing things from the lightning incident, we also found out we have hail pings all over our new car from the storm night before last.  Will it ever get better??????  LOL

Early this morning, I got some stitching done, not much, but a little.
I hope to get a little more stitching done this evening as I watch some TV and just veg out.

I decided to use this blue homespun fabric here instead of the red.

Of course, the With My Needle sampler is also begging me for a finish too. R and R fabric is very stiff, sorry for the wrinkles......

So, I have a few things to work on tonight while I catch up on the latest cases on Nancy Grace and CNN.

Blessings today:

Ren is better....for now


sunny skies

  friends who are the best

Our family is thanking each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Till later,
stay safe and sunny


  1. (((HUGS))) I hope Ren is feeling comfortable. What a stressful thing to go through with a furbaby.

    You have some lovely projects there. I'm so glad to be back on your blog and reading regularly again.

  2. Hope your doggie is feeling better soon! A family pet is one of the most important family members.

    Love your Americana piece...the colors are so pretty!

  3. I am just catching up after not reading for a few days. So glad to read that Ren is home and comfortable. Thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, and especially little Ren.

  4. How happy! I love seeing Ren in his blanket! Sending lots of love and well wishes.

  5. I have been holding my breath each time I check blogs today. That is SUCH good news about Ren! As long as he does not suffer... I know he wants to be with you. And now, hail dings! Whoa! Must have been quite a storm! Hugs.

  6. What a Champ your Ren is, so glad to hear he's better and back home:) Enjoy every moment with him!

  7. So happy to hear the Ren is feeling better! I know too well what you're going through and it is always wonderful when they start feeling better.

  8. I have been checking your blog today and have been thinking about you all day long, because I was avid to read news about Ren, I have to say I was crying yesterday and I'm crying today because he's with you and feeling better, I'm relieved, enjoy every minute with him and you're right... One day at a time, sending big teddy bears hugs for you and kissie kissies to Ren and Abbie, what a welcome back he had with Abbie, lol <3

  9. I am so happy you are being blessed with more time with Ren! The Lord will take him in His own time or Ren will let you know. Either way, you are truly blessed with this little guy!! (((hugs)))

  10. I checked your blog tonight for an update. I was so happy to see Ren back home. I know this would be a day that would be dreaded, but what a joy in the way the day ended.

  11. Yeah! I am so happy sweet little Ren is home and feeling better at this time. Just take it one day at a time. My prayers are with you, BG and the furbabies. I love your stitching projects btw. Hope things settle down for some relaxing with your needle.

  12. I´m sending a big hug to Ren

  13. I am so glad to hear about Ren. My thoughts and prayers are with you all... I know how much I love my baby and how upset I get just at the thought of losing him. Big hugs. I hope the medication and so on help Ren.

    Lovely stitching!

  14. I am glad to hear Ren is back home and feeling better. That is all we can do is to take one day at a time but it is still hard, and they seem so helpless at times it just breaks your heart. I'll keep him in my thoughts.

  15. Glad to hear Ren is doing better and you have the comfort of having him home again.

  16. I am so happy to read about Ren and so glad he came home and is comfortable.

  17. Praying for Ren. I know all too well how you feel.

    So nice to see you blogging again. I just started a new stitching blog after being absent for awhile. I missed communicating with fellow stitchers.

    Hi Becky,

    I decided to start up a new blog due to the problem I was having with my old blog. Seems my blog’s blogger address was closely named as another blog and there was so much confusion with the other blog readers that I was spending time everyday replying back to people who thought my blog was the other. Needless to say it was no longer fun when the other blogger started sending me not so nice messages about the address confusion. So I stopped blogging but have missed it everyday.
    Woke up and decided to start anew and start blogging again. The name of my blog is indeed a tribute to the EAT PRAY LOVE book which I loved. The three things I love the most EAT STITCH LOVE will be the focus of my blog with some gardening thrown in.

    Sooooo if you would please—and yes I’m begging—follow me on my new blog , you would make my day!!

    Thank you and hugs


  18. Oh poor sweet Ren. I am so glad for you that he pulled through this rough patch. And I wouldn't be surprised if her pulls through more. The little stinkers like to keep us on our toes. :) And we wouldn't have it any other way would we? :)

    Gentle pats and hugs to the old man. :)

  19. Jennifer, I'm so glad that Ren is home again. We can never keep them long enough. So sorry you & BG are going through this and I'll keep you all in my thoughts & prayers. Hugs

  20. I am so glad that Ren is home. Spoil him rotten! My thoughts are with you all.

    I love your projects! The colors are great.

  21. Oh boy, sweetie, sending hugs and wondering how Ren is doing today? Praying that all is well and covering you all in prayer :)

    Love ya


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