Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Serious Retail Therapy

I did some long, hard thinking about this purchase today--like a year.
It's serious retail therapy all wrapped into one. I think that I made a good choice since I have some nerve damage in my left arm and hand from previous surgery/accident and because it hasnt' stopped me yet from burning the needle still, I caved this morning under extreme pressure and gave it up.
I ordered a Needlework 4 system where flipping the linen will be much easier than struggling with a wood stand. Now, don't get me wrong, the floor stand was a good stand and still very usuable but for us arthritic, old folks, I decided to take like and enjoy while it's here.
Holding the Qsnap for me is like my left arm and shoulder being a stand and it really can't do that well anymore without muscle spasms so some kind of stand is what works best for me.
I still stitch small projects without frames or stands, just in hand, but for larger ones...........here ya go. My dream is to not tug and pull to cut my threads off in the back of the linen.
See, with this system you build your parts basically so I chose the Travel floor stand so I can fold it up and take on a trip (hehehehehe, like Boston hopefully in April) and I picked the Qsnap holder instead of the scroll frame. You can always add to it if you want both but right now the Q snap holder will twirl any 8-17inch qsnap.

I clicked my heels in today and instead of girlie shopping as usual went into serious needlework shopping. (that was yesterday at Victoria's Secret LOL)

I also got the magnifying light/chart holder piece. This doesn't come with the light. That is separate but I can put just about any lightweight light or magnifier on it.

Here's the travel stand. It's the same height as the regular stand, it just folds. It's lightweight easy to move from room to room and fits into snug houses.

I caved and got the attachment of the chart holder. This fits into the magnifyer/light holder.
Maybe I won't have to cuss at the pattern now as much!

Yes, it's extreme, it's even selfish, but I did it, I invested in better equipment to help me burn the needle without taking as much arthritis medicine.
I've been through at least 3 years of physical therapy sessions 6 weeks at a time to keep my left arm and hand functionable. I'm not a quitter and accept disability well. So, I'm going to try and make stitching as much fun as I possible can. It's my sanity, my life. And I have soooooooo many projects to do......so many. And Hubbie is great with the idea. That's a good thing too.


  1. I'm SOOO jealous! What perfect gift to yourself! And bonus points that hubby is supportive!
    Happy stitching to YOU!

  2. Everyone needs a little retail therapy every now and again! I hope you enjoy all your goodies and that they make things easier for you!

  3. Good for you. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself well.

    I hear you about the arthritis. I have it in my hands, knees, back and a few other joints. :) It's a regular party on damp days. LOL

    And I do believe that one thing that keep my fingers and knuckles going is my needlework. But I do mine in hand. I tried hoops and qsnaps but that was too slow for me. So as long as I can I will stitch in hand. :)

    Enjoy your new toy when it arrives.

  4. I love retail therapy! Always makes me feel better, too! That stand looks AWESOME!

    If you do end up coming to Boston, let me know. I lived in Southie for 6 yeard before moving to Bridgewater this past November. It's a great city!

  5. This looks great! Where did you order it from? I'd love to get something like this sometime; please be sure to show us your stitching on it when it arrives. :D

  6. I ordered it from Threadneedle Street.com. Deb recommended this company for K frame supplies and I saw this Needlework 4 system and have drooled for it since.

    They have a brick and mortar store in the Pacific time zone so usually when I call it's the wrong time. I finally just filled out the order form and put my credit in and sent today.
    It's an investment to say the least.

  7. Just what you needed Jennifer, a little something to pamper your inner stitcher.

    Take Care & Happy Stitching - Sandy

  8. I love retail therapy, I used to stitch holding my qsnaps in hand but strained my wrists and since then my saving grace has been by elan lap stand.

  9. I'm sure this will work wonders for you and your stitching. Let us know how it works out.

  10. I hope you enjoy your Needlework 4 system. Let us know how you like it.

    Enjoy your trip to Boston!


  11. I bet you're going to have fun..., lol, congrats!, yay for your hubby's being supportive with you! :)


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