Sunday, March 14, 2010

About those pink pinkeeps and what's been keeping my mind busy lately

I've had a few questions that I would like to answer. I try to answer as many emails as I can.
There was one about showing a close-up pic of those Pink pinkeeps that were in the room with the Tea with Jane sampler.

I finished this as my very first attempt at pin keeps last year. As pink is my favorite color, I love them. I learned some lessons though in finishing them. One was to make the material for the pin keep larger to overlap the board. I cut mine too close and there are a few places you can see my sewing on the batting and board.

These came from one of the Companion Booklets (I can't remember right off which number it was ) from the Sampler Girl. The linen is Raspberry Jobelan. They really are a cute pair.

The other questions I got are what I'm working on now? Well, A Tulip for my Love by Examplers of the Heart designer. I ordered this last year with the Vickie Clayton silk set that she matched to compliment it. It's quite bigger than I thought and I've been counting to make the border, 214 stitches across the top and bottom. I started one the side today. It reminds me of Quaker stitching a bit. The fabric (my brain is on overload right now) I believe to be 35 count. I ordered it with the silks at the time and didn't record the fabric. I wrote the designer last year and evidently Fieldstone linen is not made anymore, so I picked this one.
The silks are stitching like butter and its very soothing.

I have to recount the 214 stitches again and again because as you know, getting the border done is half the project. There is something on my linen that looks almost rusty in one spot but I know the alphabet will cover it so I'm not stressing on that. It's probably the chex mix or Cheese crackers I've been snacking on in between. Not too much appetite lately.

I've been thrift shopping as well one day this past week, looking actually for something else (shutters, old ones) and ended up with a set of pressed Spring green linen cloth napkins. I could only imagine something Springey in the corner of these and the fabric looks very stitchable and the price I couldn't resist.
A set of six, no stains or tears and just good fabric to work with.

I'm thinking more along the line of monogram D for the corners one day or bunnies for Spring.

Well, back to the current project. I ordered the fibers and linen for the Mansfield Park sampler and while in waiting will work on this one.
I've been spoiled by the magnifying light I have for this one.
The colors are very Dutch colonial and I really hope speed picks up on this one.
I would love to find the frame as there are wooden tulips in the corner and that's my next project to work on.
There's always something to keep me busy and I need that right now.
Sometimes I forget I have a full-time job to do too until 6 am alarm goes off! ;)
Along with ordering some Vintage Examplar linen and Lakeside Linen for the Mansfield Park one today, I picked up some additional thread winders as I found that I like those for the silks better than boards with the holes in them or I end up with a ball of mess of linen and orts hanging on me and Abbie quite frequently.
Well, I'm trying to adjust to the time change. Went to the monthly military Family Support meeting today and feel pretty drained after all that but was rewarded with comfort food from IHOP. Pancakes and breakfast food always comfort me! We are so stressed over this that Body Guard actually picked up the coffee canister and poured on his pancakes before he realized it wasn't syrup! We just have to laugh at ourselves.
Hope your weekend was a good one. Ours was cold and rainey.


  1. Love the green napkins. I vote for the 'D' in the corner as you can use them anytime then.
    IHOP has good pancakes but I have found that some of the hometown pancake shops are much better. Living is a resort area we have lots of pancake houses and my small town has two very small eateries that serve great breakfast. I guess I should think about eating breakfast tomorrow/this morning. Off to be soon.
    Happy Stitching!

  2. Thanks for the close up of the pink pin keeps, they look great. I have the patterns and one day would like to stitch them.

  3. I love this beautiful pink pinkeeps and I like to read your post again.
    Take care

  4. Beautiful pinkeeps! I love your new start, too. I hope you find the perfect frame but I am sure you will! Great napkins too and I think bunnies would look adorable on them for Spring!

  5. Muy lindos los pinkeeps, te felicito.


  6. Welcome back. You've been missed. Blessings Lesley (UK)

  7. Jennifer,

    Your pinkeeps look great. I haven't attempted any of those yet!

    Love your new start - the colors look very pretty. Perhaps if you can't find the frame, you could find an unfinished one, stain it and then stencil the corners with the design you want.

    I remember the last time I was really stressing about something - my boys caught me almost putting the ice cream into the pantry instead of the freezer - so I can so relate to BG putting coffee on his pancakes!

    Continued thoughts and prayers your way!

  8. I haven't attempted pinkeeps yet. Your look wonderful! Nice job! And those green napkins look awesome! I never find anything good when I go thrift shopping. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough? I like the monogramming idea.

    My husband would consider putting coffee on pancakes rather than syrup a happy accident! But, he's weird that way... :)

  9. Love the pinkeeps, and that is a darling new sampler! I love it! Is it still in print? Another goody to add to the stash list for sure!

  10. Those napkins are a great find. The perfect spring color.

    Love those pinkeeps. And they look great to me. :)

    Is this your first time using V.Clayton silks? I tried them recently too and just LOVED them. I have terrible dry skin on my hands and other silks stick and snag but Vikki's were just lovely to work with. Can't wait to see more of your progress.

  11. Your pinkeeps are so sweet :) And love your green napkins...I always snatch up linen napkins when I see them at thrift stores!

  12. Thanks for the closeup on the pin keeps, the colors are fantastic and I love the green fabric for the napkins.I hope you have some relaxing time.

  13. Ooooh I love those green napkins! Monogram is a great idea! And your WIP is beautiful. That's quite the border!


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