Thursday, March 18, 2010

Signs of Spring and an Easter stitch started

Spring time is:

Time for occasional pedicures and manicures. Today I got a flower, handpainted freely by a free spirit. I can't wait till it's warm enough to wear sandals! I go barefoot almost all the time. Shoes are the first thing that comes off when I hit the front door, any season.

Color~~~Opi---Field of Tulips

A fun after work event today even if it is just 60 degrees (I think) the sun came out for a brief while and now it's cloudy again.
Pardon the mud leftover from the hot towel mud treatment.....yep, I was bad the works  :o

Had 20 minutes for stitching lunchtime. Had fun the other 45 minutes eating Pizza Hut pizza with BodyGuard. A pleasant lunch surprise.

Started the Shepherd's Bush Easter Joy that Sandy sent me. It was a great start in the car while waiting for the afternoon to begin. I love the colors!!!  LOVE THEM! Thank you Sandy! Working with these colors make me want to dye eggs again for Easter!

Had to go up on my reading glasses strength to 1.75+

Glasses---Dollar store

They will do until I get an eye exam which I desperately need. My last one was 2 years ago and..... uh-hum.......aging maturing has worsened my vision.

I put the card Liberty Primitives sent me in my little bitty frame until I stitch something. Aren't the bunnies cute?

I don't know though, if you look close, the boy one is quite serious looking.

Got a feeling he is whispering something.......ok, I digress on that note.

Tonight is Grey's Anatomy!!!!!   YEAH!
So definite stitching time indeed.


  1. Love your Opi color and the flowers are so cute. The place I go to now doesn't do the art on nails and I miss it. Can't wait till I can run around in sandals.

  2. What a cute way to present the bunnies. They are adorable!

    I too run around without shoes. Living in FL one would think that I can go barefoot all the time, but we do get our cold spells. I normally where sandals, but during those cold times the tennis shoes come out of hiding.

  3. I love your toenails, they are totally fabulous! You are ready for spring :) I'm so glad that you went for "the works," you deserve it!


  4. What a happy your tootsies. Easter Joy is so sweet...have a nice evening. hugs, Linda

  5. Now I know what I need to do with my toes before I go to AZ this summer!

  6. Yes, Mr. Bunny is probably wispering sweet nothings into her ear.

    Toes looking good!

    I'm going back to basketball and the dredded quilt.

    Happy Stitching!

  7. Love the toes, Jennifer! And that easter card is so cute.

  8. I hear OPI lasts longer than others. I love the new Shepherd's Bush! I need to finish up my Stripes from them.Can't wait to see your finish.

  9. Oooo I love your pedicure color. And the flowers are so cute. I have such horrible feet and toes but still can't wait to get the sandals out. I'm ready.

    Cute card. But by the expression on the girl bunny's face I doubt that Mr. Bunny said anthing nice. LOL

  10. I love your toes and the flower on it. It is adorable. I was disappointed Grey's Anatomy wasnt on last night. I, also, take my shoes immediately when I get in the door. I hate shoes.

  11. Your piggies look perfectly springy! I am ready for a pedi soon to start the season off right!

  12. So happy to hear you are enjoying the Easter goodie I sent to you. Have fun!

    Also there is just something about having a pedicure that makes me smile even in the chilly winter.

    Have a great weekend!

    Sandy in NJ

  13. Aren't pedicures the greatest thing. I've never had flowers put on my toe, but maybe I'll splurge the next time. Love the color of the polish too. My daughter is already running around in sandals - I think she's nuts quite frankly, but I guess teenagers are oblivious the cool temperatures.

  14. Blesssings to you and your's. I know how it is to hold your breath and wait. Those who wait also SERVE.
    I also enjoy your inspiration to our craft. Go to my blog and pick up a reward I have left you.

  15. Love your designer toenails!!! I love to wear sandals and flip flops!! Cute toes.....Smiles

  16. I too walk around without shoes, I love the way you're showing us you're most than ready for spring. Lucky you have spring, we just have 2 seasons, it's really boring... in my tropical country you can wear sandals all year long!, the only good thing, lol


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