Monday, March 15, 2010

Ready for the green?

Taking a lunch break right now and a brief note that the sun has amazing powers over our life!
Looking out the window and seeing the sun changes all things in perspective. I would say we have had more rainey, dreary, cloudy days this past Winter than I've seen in a lifetime.
Are you ready to wear green this week? I had a guy a couple of years ago to ask me if he could pinch me anyway.....that was weird....but yes, I need to be getting out for something green to wear on Wednesday to avoid all those pinches. ;)
One day, it's on my bucket list, to go to Savannah, Ga. on St. Patricks day and celebrate. I'm getting up there in age so I better make sure next year to plan for it. Just something about it seems exciting and I don't even generally like crowds of people, maybe it's the green beer...(yuck, I'm not a beer drinker) or it's just watching free spirited people be carelessly free and having fun is the main objective. That sounds like a great alternative to a planned day of problems! LOL
Oh well, back to dreaming is over for the day. Work is my St. Patrick's Day this year....with green on for sure. I'm partly Irish so I definitely love the holiday itself. Dark hair and pale skin.......sorry, Meghan honey, for that genetic influence! LOL ;)


  1. I am more than ready for green and more sun filled days! We had a few - then it has been rainy, damp and just plain dreary for the last 5 days!

    Does Abbie have some green to wear??

  2. Heck, I am already wearing green. :)

  3. Oh yea! I'm ready!

  4. I love green but I've never understood the whole pinching thing. Where does that come from anyway!?

    Wanna drive to Okla in April?

  5. I bleed green, so I am set! I am of Irish descent and a Spartan (MSU) I was once told that a true Irishman doesn't wear green on the holiday. Hmmm...I have to pass that on whenever I don't wear green and someone wants to pinch me. I will be donning my beautiful earrings tomorrow while at work though.

  6. Green is a lovely color in any shade - forest, glade, grass and tree.
    In Catholic elementary school the uniform had a green stripe in the plaid and the nuns frowned on added green but usually allowed a small something pin on our collar.What memories!
    Happy Sunny Day!


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