Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's your morning routine? This is Ren and Abbie's

Ren is having good days and some not so good days. His hair is all loved off, his little backbone sticks out and I put salve on it so it won't get skin breakdown and usually put him on a TShirt. That seems to comfort him. This morning Ren wanted to eat naked.

He announced his early morning awakening promptly quite early. His time change hasn't set in yet and my day off is not too important to him right now for rest.

So, in the morning he gets Apple Jacks or cheerios but his favorite is Apple Jacks.

Abbie is not too far away. I have to hold her so she won't go steal all his food like a little varmint! LOL
But, buddy she keeps her eyes on him until I get her a treat. She already had her breakfast and her poo time so she is ready for that snack. Her breakfast is healthy puppyfood but Ren he eats dog food wet with water at night or lasagna, or pizza, or hamburger/fries combo.............he is different, spoiled and made happy in his 17th year of life.

Pardon the Bedhead, I haven't brushed her this morning. Her hair has gotten thick and so long on her back it parts almost. Her heart spots are still there.

This is her fave. Just found out by accident from the Dollar Store. Sweet Potatoes wrapped in chicken bits. She will chew on one of these for an hour!
And they come in a small size too.

And when she takes her treat, she looks back around at Ren to show him her find this morning.
Like, "see, see my momma loves me better," look. There is a sibling rivalry going on and Ren doesn't know about it..........

Then she resolves to keep it still till I put her down and she can enjoy it.

I will try to get some better pics of Abbie later. Right now, it's hard with me holding the camera out and not getting my own bedhead in the background! LOL
Ren is now finished his apple jacks and found the laundry pile in the hallway and turbaned himself in a towel. So it's careful walking if there is laundry to be done!
If Abbie is out of her kennel, she prefers going under my bed and sleeping on a rug and chewing up all the extra sockies she can find.
Well finally, finally a quiet moment. The Labs outside have been extremely adamament about barking loudly all night. Bodyguard sleeps like a train. Me, if I'm up from dogs barking under the window all night it's a bad morning. They come out at night like vampires and sleep during the day.


  1. How sweet! We pretty much gave Whiner whatever he wanted to eat also when he got older. Might as well let them enjoy what time they have left.

  2. Love the photos.

    Sweet old Ren. What a dear old soul. My setters also lost coat when they were old. Now seeing a Chi in a coat is fine but rather odd when it's a large Irish setter. :) But hey, anything to make them comfortable anfter so many years of their unconditional love.
    And little Miss Abbie. my, what a princess. :)
    Thank you for sharing those photos with us.

  3. This post surely brought me smiles.

  4. Ren deserves anything he wants for sure!! He's had a long life and needs to be pampered.

    Abbie, as always, just melts my heart!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Cookie's favorite treat is cheese. Especially mozzerella. Mariposa likes poptarts.

  6. Funny how we give breakfast food to our pets. Mom gives Tiger half her Cream of Wheat and she just loves it.


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