Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bostonian needleworkers---need good shop, have good plans!


Trying out a new option on Blogger with this post. Inserting and playing with pics. I think I will show you some St. Patrick's pics I accumulated this week. Here's my green for the day.

 I do have a trip to Boston in April for a conference, partly for business and partly also for 2-3 days of taking a look-see of the city. I've only been there once in my whole life so I want to see what I can in the little bit of time I have.

Please post any good needlework shops near the city of Boston!!!!!  I will make a note of them and have to find them. And while I listen to the latest gynecology updates on women's health I will be stitching away during the conference silently. I did this last year and was amazed at the other knitters who brought their stash too.  Let's see.....3 days of listening 9 hours, that's a good project finish maybe!

Right now Ren needs a good green helmet headgear/protector with back-up and forward bells for warning signs beeps. His head is banging around the room even if I have him a spot to rest. He is not with complaint but my goodness!  Maybe he needs a seeing-eye dog............


  1. Hey! I was drooling over your Needlework 4 system & googled it, and got their website:
    If you do the store locator, and find Massachusetts, there was a list of 4 or 5 stores- 2 of them in Boston & one in Wellesley, which is right outside Boston and I think accessible via public transportaiton. I've not been to any of those stores- I'm on the Southcoast, closer to Cape cod. My local store just closed 8^O.
    Hope that helps! When's your conference? I have an architectural seminar on April 15 in Boston.
    Ren is too funny! I suspect Abbey is too busy to help him out!

  2. Ahhhhhh poor Ren. Do you think Abbie would be his helper? :) Probably not. I like the protective helmet idea. :)

    Good luck finding shops in Boston.

  3. One would think Boston would have at least ONE good stitching shop but, alas, they really don't. I have been to the one on Newbury Street, and it is a needlepoint store, not cross stitch. I have travelled to ABC Stitch Therapy in Grantham, NH which is a XS mecca in my opinion, but the almost 2 hour drive makes it a once a year (If I'm lucky!) trip. I recently discovered a small store in Walpole called "Hoops and Needles" which is about 40 minutes south west of Boston. That may be your best bet!

  4. I haven't been in here in a long time so it's probably best to call ahead but this place is on Newburry street


    This is another place that's been around a long time but I've never made it there - I've heard good things though


    Unfortunately there are just not that many LNS around anymore.

    Good luck and enjoy Beantown!

  5. Although I've never been, (I sure want to), here's my suggestion for
    Boston: Windsor Button. A huge
    button & needlework store since 1936. Look here: http://www.windsorbutton.com/
    They do have a needlework department with cross stitch. This
    looks like a fun and interesting shop. Have fun and eat all that good seafood!

  6. Sure wish I could help you with a store in Boston - but last time I was there I was working with no time to look for a shop myself!

  7. I haven't been in here in a long time so it's probably best to call ahead but this place is on Newburry street


    FYI: Last time I was on Newbury ST, that shop had a sign in the window that said something along the line of "NO cross stitch." Maybe they've changed their tune in the bad economy, but I seem to recall the sign being rather hostile.

  8. Poor baby, just hope he gets used to it and he doesn't hit his head too hard :(


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