Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New charts and mail goodies

This frame is a timy one from Wallie World with my Green Kelmscott scissors. It's begging for me to stitch a small right now and I'm relenting to it's calling. Why is it that I get started on a larger project and then get tempted to do a small one? It's like the small ones are adrenaline boosts for the big ones!

Anna's Prayer from Beth Twist, The Heartstring Samplery came in yesterday. It's a pretty!

Examplars from the Heart  designer, The Rose Sampler

Some birdie fabric, fat quarter from the Sampler Girl Webshop. My favorite one is the one that looks like he is exercising!

And a book-- Jane Austen, A life

This was a beautiful package, with an Easter Card where the 2 above patterns came from
The Bay of Evil---couldn't resist their prices. Liberty Primitives. They are fast, friendly, and very reasonable prices. Their blogspot is full of beautiful freebie samplers. Check it out!

They also put in 3 free patterns in addition. One called:

It's from Examplars of the Heart and it's a very pretty sampler.

Today was quite busy and flew by so fast I didn't even have much time to eat. I can't even describe how the day went online but hopefully I will soon adjust to this Spring ahead time and get to bed early.........for me that would be about midnight. This is something I have to really work on because it's drains me not to sleep much and I fight falling to sleep......crazy I know but I think when the rain and cold leave and the days are longer, walking again every evening is a must.
Helps the mind and the body.

Here's hoping you had a sunshiney St. Patrick's day and  didn't drink too many green beers  drinks today! LOL

Have many patterns and stash, too little time!

It's now down to stich, sleep or do laundry.......well, I pick stitch.  Just a dab of extra concealer tomorrow in the morning for no sleep!  :)


  1. Great stash and I love those darling little green scissors.

  2. I love all the new stash. I also get the fabric from The Sampler Girl. Too Cute !!

  3. I've bought from Liberty Primitives several times, I love they way they send your packages tied in a bow with a thank you! Great new stash and I am green with envy over your new scissors!!

  4. Everything is beautiful.
    Hugs and kisses

  5. Great new stash! The more I see Ann's Prayer, the more I like it and may have to get it now! lol. How neat about the extra samplers for free. I agree, I need my sleep. If I don't get it my whole day is out of whack.

  6. I love all your new stash Jennifer and all that fabric too. I think the chicken exercising is my favorite too.

  7. What great goodies!! You deserve them!

  8. Have fun with the new stash, the chicken exercising's sooooo damn cute, LOL, love it!


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