Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ever read horoscopes? sometimes they are funny....

So this is today's at the bottom of my Yahoo home page.......kinda made me smile laugh and think about the serious decision I finally made to get the Needlework 4 stand!  I'm excited that they just sent an email it's been picked up by UPS already today and will be here in 1 week!!!

Ok, ok, I know horoscopes are "from the devil"  or so I heard here in the South at least once. I don't live by them, just read for fun......

Virgo (8/23-9/22)---for today's

A productive kind of energy will bring money and possessions to the very front of your mind today. You may need to make a serious decision as a result, but it's one you've seen coming for a while, so not to worry. If you need extra cash, you might also consider taking on a part-time job, maybe even something that involves a hobby. It might actually be fun.

After all the bills come in from this decision and the latest market releases and sales, I may need a part time job with my regular one!   :0


  1. That is funny.LOL

  2. That is funny.... as I am the same as you. We have been talking about finally getting our business going online but have been nervous.... hmmmm is this telling me that we should go ahead and get the business moving????? (after all it does consist of doing my crafts and selling them.... on my part.... hubby's part is woodworking and web design and all graphics and whatever else it entails....)

  3. I get a kick out of reading horoscopes every now and then!

  4. Sounds like that could be for every horoscope sign of all stitchers. To funny.
    Be always in stitches.

  5. That is so funny! I think horoscopes are a hoot to read, but never put any stock in them. Learned that years ago when it said that I was going to win big. Never happened!

  6. yeah, I also like to read the Chinese cookie liners too! Funny, funny!


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