Sunday, February 21, 2010

My heart be still.........

Yesterday on my thrift store experience, I happened upon this 1 gallon bag of hearts. I love hearts! They are all about 2 inches and well sewn and someone put little course thread hangers on them as well which could be snipped off if I wanted to just keep in a bowl. I couldn't believe the price of 4 bucks for this big bag of hearts.
It's almost like walking through a quilt store and looking at alot of fabrics at once.
I could easily see these on a old rustic branch which has about 30 twigs to hang them on. I haven't decided what I'll do with them but I love them.

one black felt one

one of my favorite ones, the blue pinstriped.
and separately I found this heart pillow made of pieces of an old handmade quilt. It's about 5 x 6 inchs.
Got a little grundge on the back but......

Then I saw this picture frame and I'm always on the eye out for frames but the verse from Emily Dickinson in it touched my heart and I would keep it as is.
The little Teddy Bear has a torn foot and the verse says it all. It reminded me of what I wanted to go into the medical field for in the early 80's and how different it is now. It's a business and money is the bottom line, so very different from when I was choosing my career path years ago.

Wouldn't this make a good sampler verse? I like the thimble and needle there too.

Yep, this will go on my sampler wall, even though it's not stitched.

It is quite a heavy frame too and has some velvet as part of it that I need to clean up a bit.

Such a true statement.

Well, this morning I slept later than I have in a very long time. I think I got 10 hours of sleep, so I've caught up and still sleepy but have so much to do before that work week begins again.

It's a beautiful day here in North Ga again. The sun is beaming and the temps will be in 50-60 range. Tempting me of planting somthing. But I know it's only February still and my patience needs to grow because as all the mountain folk will tell you, it's always a risk for a frost until Easter, whenever it is. In fact, this year, I haven't even looked, to tell you the truth, at when Easter is.

I know the Daffodils are soon to be sprouting and in fact I'm heading out that way soon to see if I can see an inkling of one that gives me hope for Spring to come.

I'll leave you with a quote of a poem from a book I've been reading called In Search of Eden by Linda Nichols.

"Dorrie smiled, remembering how he used to read her his favorite poem. She remembered bits and pieces of it now. 'Vagabond's house' it was called.

When I have a I sometime may

I'll suit my fancy in every way.

I'll fill it with things that have caught my eye

in drifting from Iceland to Molokai........

My house will stand on the side of a hill

by a slow, broad river, deep and still,

With a tall lone pine on guard nearby

where the birds can sing and the storm winds cry."

author, unknown


  1. Great finds!! Love those hearts too, in my old house we had a great mantle, and I could so see those strung in a garland across it ;)
    Enjoy them!! BTW they look really sweet in that basket!!

  2. Wow those hearts are amazing. I think they look great in the bowl. x

  3. This post made my heart happy. I would love to hug the lady that made those hearts! They are gorgeous! Love the Emily Dickinson sentiments too...that is the real truth of life.

  4. You amaze me with your thrifty finds!

  5. Wow Jen - what great finds. I wonder why someone got rid of all of them. Well, definitely a good day for you to pick those up. I think that they look great all in bowl.

  6. What wonderful finds....I love hearts too and these are just the sweetest. The ED quote is lovely....truly true...hugs, Linda

  7. What great finds! I love the idea of putting the hearts on a rustic stick - I am sure you could find the perfect one there by your home!

    Thanks for sharing the lovely poem as well!

  8. How wonderful, all those little hearts! I would keep them in a basket. They look great grouped together like that!

    And yes, I can see that verse as a sampler. Lucky girl.... ;)

  9. Love the hearts, that sure was a great find. The sampler will look good amongst yours, especially since it seems to speak to you.

  10. Thanks to all, I'm enjoying those hearts today. Think I will keep them right now in a basket.
    It does make me wonder why someone would just get rid of their hearts like that because it certainly wasn't for money at 4 bucks a bag of 30. But for whatever reason, I love them.

  11. The hearts are great and I recognize so many of those fabrics.
    Happy Stitching!

  12. The hearts are so kind. I think an idea comes where they match best.

  13. Hi,

    Ran across your blog today and loved the hearts. I too live in GA, in Cumming. Is that far from you? I would love to go to the thrift it far from me?

    Marci (


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