Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pampering yourself is a definite thing that is necessary for once in a while.

yep, to thine own self be true.

So, today, with all the sun and then near 60 degree weather I spent most of it outside and running errands. I was happy I got 8 hours of sleep again last night!
I also pampered myself at the beauty shop getting my hair trimmed and colored.
Then I moseyed over to the Taco Bell and had Nacho's Supreme in the car basking in the sun.
Then I moseyed over to the quilt store with much heel stomping and trying to resist but to find backing material for the charm pack I got a couple of weeks ago. It struck me I didn't get the backing fabric and she had sold out of most of it and I chose something more simple but still complimentary to put on the back of my new simple small table top quilt for the Spring.
I walked about enjoying every second of looking through fabrics and then zippered over to get that Pedicure and Manicure that I haven't ha since last August. It was heavenly. It was a unique experience in that watching people was entertaining and one in particular was only 3 years old arguing with her mother about the color of her toes and nails. She got the full manicure and pedicure, which I don't understand because I was 30 years old before I got one. I try to relax while they are rubbing and massaging my hands and feet but a 3 year old was screaming because she didn' get her way and the parent was scolding constantly because she couldn't be still long enough for them to dry....DUH, she's 3. She pitched a tantrum until her mama would let her paint neon orange and pink for every other toenail and fingernail. Sometimes I don't understand folks. Well, alot of times I don't.

Went over to the thrift store to check for any vintage stash or cuties and I found some that I will post pics tomorrow.
And then rode home in my disposible flip flops in the nice weather.
So, overall a great day to pamper myself.

Started on my bathroom project and I think I pulled out more than I thought I every had. 2 bags, 1 donation for stuff I'll never use or didn't work, and one for trash.
That's a project that will be onging in the morning and hope to finish by lunch.

I found at the quilt store a dicontinued fabric that has tiny stripes with small red tulips in them. I'm hoping to make a simple curtain just for change in my bathroom tomorrow. My bathroom window is really small, the smallest in the whole house so this can't be too hard.

Abbie missed me lots so I had to hold her instead of stitch tonight. She was happy.

Ren is snoozing away.

I'm getting sleepy now and will post my finds tomorrow, stay-tuned.
Hope your Saturday was restful and productive.

Nite nite,


  1. Ahhhhh...... Jennifer, I'm living vicariously through you!! LOL Sounds like the PERFECT day.

    So happy for you.


  2. Hey Jennifer, Sounds like you had a great day !!! Can't wait to see your finds.

  3. That sounds like a wonderful day! I could do with a day like that. I really need to find some old frames. No, I don't understand some folks either. xx

  4. Yes Jennifer,
    I do agree that a good pampering is in order once in a while. It's good for the soul. Can't wait to see more of your stitching.

  5. Sounds like the perfect day, Jennifer! I have yet to experience the luxury of having a mani and a pedi. (I shouldn't complain though, I do have a massage once a month!) Can't wait to see pics of your "treasures" you found in your travels :^)

  6. That mom of the tantrum throwing three year old is going to be sorry she gives into her when that kid hits about 14-16 years old. Whew!

    Sounds like you had a nice day (and you deserve it)! Can't wait to see your curtains. I hope your day today, and your whole week, is a good one!

  7. Congratulations for the beautiful day you had

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Sunny and 60 degrees...I can't wait for weather like that in Michigan. You find so many lovely things, can't wait to see the new treasures.

  9. Sounds like the perfect day - with the exception of the little girl who should have been scolded and removed from the premises for her behavior!

  10. Hey I got my hair cut and colored today too :) Sounds like your day was much more productive and pampering.


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