Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tea With Jane Austen Progress Update and New Frame today!!!

Today I finished the top part of Tea With Jane Austen by The Sampler Girl with the exception of the number 3, which is in Old Purple Paint GA color that I have on order right now and should be here by next week. I changed the cat color to the orangey shade (Nutmeg CC) to look more like Thomas and the Ecru section I changed to an overdyed (Fawn) so that it would show better on this linen. The rest are DMC colors.
I've had questions on the type of linen and I'm honestly embarrassed to say I'm not sure exactly because I had it in a pile of linens, but think it is a cream Belfast, Zweigart 28 count.

I have to show you this absolutely beautiful frame that Tanya's brother, Will Willis, made and it will fit this design perfectly. If you order a Tea With Jane Austen chart, you must order a frame because it is just beautiful. BG and I opened it today when it came in the mail and he also said it was very beautifully made.

I'm driven now to finish this piece as I want to frame it now!!!!!

I love the little swirls in it and the old look about it. Beautiful wood indeed!

This afternoon I took a 3 hour nap and feel a bit more rested now. I've been listening to the news all day while stitching and all the news about Chile. What a tragedy!
Hope you all had a restful Saturday. Back to stitching when I should be cleaning house! ;)
Till later,


  1. That frame is fantastic! Beautiful progress on Jane. I can't wait to see her all framed up.

  2. Hey Girlie - glad you like the frame! I was jumping up and down when he brought mine over for the model and think the wood he picked is awesome. Enjoy!


  3. Wow! You made a lot of progress on this piece and a three hour nap! You are on a roll!

    That frame is beautiful!!! Hurry and get done so we can see it on your wall!

  4. Love the bright blue on the little girl! That frame is great and can't wait to it finished and framed....better get stitching!!!

  5. Great frame, can't wait to see it all done.

  6. Your work goes on quite fast and beautifully. You have already found a fitting frame.
    I like your new frame for the Blog very much.

  7. beautiful's coming along nicely. I think that frame is just perfect for it.

  8. Jennifer you are such a bad influence on me I am beginning to love that tea lady! I think the temptation is becoming too much especially with that ginger cat.
    Hmmmm maybe have to go speak with Tanya this week (AGAIN)!!
    Take care sweetie
    Hugs from Barb in Uk


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