Sunday, February 21, 2010

Emma Project finished and framed today!

Happy dances tonight as I finished the Emma Project sampler by the Sampler Girl and then we had quite a time framing this one. But it's finished now and on the wall I intend to have a sampler wall upstairs. I have many scattered about the house and they will stay in those places but I have started one in the guest bedroom. I apologize for the dark pictures as the lighting is not so well in this room yet. I probably will put most of the Jane Austen ones here.

I can tell you that the frame was much more fragile than we thought as it's very very old. We both worked on it and finally got it framed. I should have waited until the daylight to take a pic. This one does not have glass. It's stitched on 32 count ivory belfast linen, 2 over 2, threads are DMC and Crescent Colors.

Here's Faye Raye's framed beneath the Emily Dickinson print.

The pic on the left that is in the dark will be moved so I have quite a space for future samplers and I hope that guests will enjoy them during their stay in the mountains.

I think I will try to get a better pic Tuesday when I'm home in the daylight. This is a very large bedroom so the entire wall will be a great spot for samplers.


  1. Emma looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! and I'm a thrift store junkie. I love your basket of hearts! those are so cute and what a great find.

  2. What a wonderful start you have...I like the idea of having them all together.
    I might have to hunt mine out of the bag and start framing!! Dianntha

  3. Great start to your sampler wall, which I think is going to be wonderful !

  4. Jennifer, you stitch so fast. I love all the works and frames

  5. Hola!!
    te han quedado hermosos, felicitaciones.

  6. Congrats on the finish. It is lovely. And a fantastic job of framing it too!

  7. Emma looks wonderful Jennifer. You're well on your way to filling the wall!!

  8. What a beautiful finish, Jennifer. I love your idea of a sampler wall.
    Take Care & Happy Stitching .. Sandy

  9. I love the way you framed these!! Knowing I have a small piece up on that sampler wall makes me proud!~ Great job, keep up the good work!~ Faye

  10. you have stitched and framed Emma beautifully, your sampler wall is going to lovely


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