Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Started Tea with Jane Austen today

I was so tired from an extremely busy day at work that I slept from 8pm till midnight, just woke up and reading a little before heading back to bed.
The fireplace and the old quilt put me in dreamland for a while. Right before that Miss Abbie got a bath and boy is her hair thick and getting long now. I think she is growing in her adult hair. She is so soft and smells of lavender now.

Today at lunch I had about 30 minutes and I took my kitted new project. I got a little started and will post pics tomorrow. This is my current next project. I ordered the frame from Tanya because it just is so pretty and seems to fit the pattern well. I'm excited to get it. If you are interested her brother is making them. See her website. Tea With Jane Austen.

Thanks for all the compliments on Emma project!

Time for bed again.

nite nite,



  1. I fell asleep under a quilt last night trying to watch some of the Olympics - woke up at 2:40 and put myself to bed!

  2. Ooh; I keep seeing those Hilliers lurking in photos; had been on the fence about them but after all your beautiful pics I think they're on the must-acquire list!

  3. oh my those Hillier scissors have been a joy to use. I got them on the Sampler Girl webshop. They are really very reasonable in price for the quality. I like mine alot.

    Oh Catherine, I haven't watched Olympics at all. Someone asked me at work yesterday. yep, those quilts in the winter do it every time.......LOL



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