Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Story Behind Thomas, the cat

I've been doing heavy cleaning today. I'm trying to take one room a week and focus on deep cleaning. I'm pooped and taking a break. I inhaled too much Clorox I think. I found more beauty products and bags under my endless cabinets of space which I know should be illegal. I mean how many can you collect? Ok, I digress but after climbing through the corners where you really can't reach anyways and repapering and wiping out I decided to take a break and now looking through some old pics I just got transferred from 2 of my previous laptops to my new laptop
I laughed alot and some I cried. But the last hour has been fun just breezing through them and remembering.

Here are a few of Thomas in 2006. I had a Kodak Easy Share Camera at that time and it was my favorite of all and oh so reasonalbly priced at Walmart.

He used to like to pose for pics but now he really doesn't care too much for my running him down for pics anymore. He just wants food and milk and he's fine. But, he is happiest running through the woods chasing squirrels or birds, or even mice, and heaven forbid, this past summer he brought me a small, live snake! Oh this little man is sometimes overlooked in my blogging due to our other animals but just wanted to show you a little piece of Mr. Thomas here being a cutie pie.
The history on how we acquired Thomas was that one evening about 4-5 years ago, Brandon came home late one night, and about 11pm he hurried in to tell me, "Hey, Mama, guess what I saw at McDonald's in Thomson?". I'm thinking, "uh oh, what is he up to now" as Brandon was always full of surprises since birth.
I said "What?"
He said" There was a tiny little kitten somebody put near the trash bin and they had left him with an empty can of cat food. He was starving."
So, in my mind I had the instinct to ask, "and, where is this cat, Brandon?"
He said with tons of energy at almost midnight....."I brought him here, I promise to take him to the shelter tomorrow!"
Well, Bodyguard and I are allergic to cats. I was actually excited because allergy or not I love animals. Bodyguard----not so excited. He didn't like cats anyways. So, I was pulled between one and the other.
But he got his flashlight out and I went out to his truck and yep, he had already bought Thomas a collar with all blinging "diamonds", had a litter box and a couple of toys, food and dish for him.
I loved that cat when I saw him. He was so scrawny and so pitiful hungry but he was beautiful in color.
And so as in teaching, as we do sometimes, kids to be independent, Brandon found out that the shelter accepted animals but there was a donation fee.
I don't know if it was that or the fact we loved to play with him so much, but we finally convinced BodyGuard to let us keep him and now he loves him to death, holds him, pets him, and feeds him constantly.
Because of our allergies we only bring him in if the weather is too cold.
But he has turned out to have given us many days of joy in the past couple of years----with the exception of bringing me dead mice and snakes to the door.


  1. Great story about Thomas. We've rehomed many cats that found their way to us but we could never keep them ourselves.

  2. Oh, isn't Thomas the most handsome kitty? I love his eyes and his fur is so beautiful!
    Loved the story of how he came to live with you....

  3. What a sweet memory. Thomas sure is a handsome boy.

  4. What a sweet kitty! And great kitty story. Makes me miss ours. We live on too busy of a street to have kitties anymore.

  5. Great Story!!! Thomas is so cute!!!

  6. That brought tears to my eyes. Such a sweet, sweet child to bring home a kitty. My dad was the same way about cats, but he has been won over since I moved back in with him (over 3 years now). I think the men tend to say they don't like something but deep down they really do! LOL

    Thomas is such an adorable little thing! I am sure he will bring you many more years of happiness!

  7. I love the pics of Thomas! I would get a cat in a heartbeat - but can't convince hubby - he's a dog person.

    Great story about how Thomas came to be with you!

  8. Thomas is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing him with us. DH and DD are allergic so I don't know if I will ever have another one.. sigh..

  9. Your Thomas looks just like our Jack!
    What a wonderful story...


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