Thursday, February 25, 2010

Abbie lifts my day with her new outfit

Went to Walmart to get one thing--waterproof mascara, came out with 25 of other things including Chocolate Fudge ice cream and Abbie stuff......but anyways, it's been awhile since our Walmart put any pink girlie dog clothes out but evidently they just got some XXS Spring outfits in and guess who is going to model it for you?

The Spring Denim skirt, paired with a heart belt and tank.

She's doing what we call "the dancing bear", of course coaxed by some "Beggin' Littles Strips" which are treats special for little dogs. First time I bought those today and they smell like and look like bacon. She walks straight up and back on her feet alot.......maybe ballet lessons later, too early now.......just joking.

I really don't like the saying on the shirt but this is all they had in XXS for girlies. The I love me phrase fits more of the 12-26 range folks (no offense to that age group) but you know it's true........all she needs to complete the outfit is a cell phone to text message.

She likes her skirt and belt and tank though.

She dances in it too.

She says you might want to pair a sweater with this outfit as it's very windy and cold today.

Sweet Abbie...........


  1. Oh my she is to cute,,,she and my toby would make great friends,,,come check out tobys new dew...thanks for posting..

  2. You and Abbie made me smile! I think she is the perfect cure for any sadness, along with the ice cream :) Ya know what else cheers me up? Floss! New colors came out....and they are yummy!

    Hugs, peaches

  3. How funny! Love the outfit - she's adorable and made me smile! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This made my whole day! Abbie you look great!

  5. Abbie is a pretty girl n her new outfit.

  6. I'm tearing, Abbie's so damn cute!!!, maybe you need to teach her how to dance for real, it will be a new trick for her!

  7. If not ballet, how about modeling ? She sure is a cutie !

  8. Love the outfit! And don't you hate how Walmart sucks you in like that! I usually cannot get out of there without spending at least 100 bucks!

  9. What a fashion diva Abbie is! I love the outfit and I just love the pictures.


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