Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Twisting

Out my kitchen window clearly seeing the mountains after the leaves have fallen.

Found some Cinnabon dough and will make Tuesday Twists with my coffee this morning!

The aroma in the house right now is just awesome!

I've tried their canned cinnamon rolls but these are better.....believe me, I've had 2 already. The taste is the same, no matter if your twisting is good or not.
Just the name makes me do a happy dance!

The icing really makes it a sweet treat for the morning with a couple of cups of coffee.
So, now who misses sunshine? LOL


  1. Excuse me a minute while I get a napkin to wipe the drool off of my keyboard.......okay.....I'm back...

    Those look so yummy! I can smell them from here!

  2. OH.. my Lord ..I'm salivating..
    would love a couple of cups and a cinnabon right now.

  3. The best part was cleaning it up and eating all the little icings that they left on the paper! LOL
    yep, I put the few left in my cake plate and loved to lick my fingers after placing them in there...... ;)

  4. MMM....those look so good! I haven't had breakfast yet...making me hungry! :)

  5. Do tell- did you make those from scratch or did you buy the dough in the store? Can I come over? You really shouldn't have to eat them all by yourself! ;^)

  6. I want one!!!!!!

    Oh boy do these look ymmuy.

    And to think I only have a crummy bag of goldfish to munch on. :(

  7. They must be delicious.
    Jennifer, Could you give me the recipe, please?

  8. Yummy looking ! Bet they tasted really good :)

  9. These are at Walmart grocery in the canned biscuit section.
    They are the Cinnabon brand of "Twists" and they are easy to wrap around and bake!
    Very good hot!!!!!


  10. I'm drooling on my computer...


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