Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cold weather causes these things

Cold weather causes time to find things. Time to find this little tea towel in the stuff I rummaged through at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It was thrown in a 3 buck pile of tea towels. It had to go home with me. I liked the edging, the rose color threads, the place for a monogram at one end. This is the after pic. After ironing, and ironing, and ironing........but I had the time.

This was on the tightly folded linen. The original tag. Anybody ever found one of these before?

To say it was wrinkled when I unfolded it, is to say the least. I would love to know how old it is.

But I ironed them all out and now have it on my table. This is the before pic.

Cold weather causes Abbie to seek and bring her leg warmers to us now. She has tried every trick now to go outside and play in the snow.

And cold weather causes husbands to have big appetites.......

Bodyguard went to town in the old pickup truck, or what we call the SSCheverlet because it's big..........and slid up the road and struggled to get to Wendy's for take-out. If he hit anybody in this big truck, I feel sorry for them! It's a big one.

Before he left he asked me what I wanted which was a potato and a salad only. I had eaten barbeque for late lunch and wasn't hungry. But when he came in with this bag, somebody was doggone hungry!-----Hey, it's all 0% Trans that makes it all fine, right? hehehehehe

I've never seen a Wendy's bag this large......I mean I've seen Ann Taylor, Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works or any place but dinner for 2 people........I laughed.

But he did work hard today chopping wood and carrying it all up to the porch. Look in the very back of the picture and you will see an audience of 2.
Back and forth
And back again.
I'm glad I don't have to do this chore.

We still have ice on the ground but not like the pictures I've seen all over the country! Lots of snow and ice. I stayed inside and finished load number 15 of laundry. I washed it all and now I have to fold and hang all of it. I think I waited a bit long to do the laundry this time...........It may be tomorrow night before I put it all away! I didn't realize I had so many clothes. Oops.....did I really say I have too many clothes? Mark this date on your calenders. LOL


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  2. LOL! I've never seen a Wendy's bag like that one either. Who knew!

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  4. This looks really shivering cold. Abby is a cutie as usual. You should take a picture from her playing in the

  5. Love the tea towel. Did you look on the internet to see if you could find the name on the tag? The tag is a piece of art itself!

    Abbie looks too cute in that pic!

    Yup, I don't envy the woodcutting job at all! When I was growing up, we spent the better part of our weekends in the woods cutting and hauling back wood for the fire!

    Gosh! That is one big Wendy's bag. I didn't even know they had ones with handles on them! I guess all that fresh air and exercise made him hungry!

  6. Didn't even know they made bags that big at Wendy's! Abby is definitely a cutie pie!

  7. Congrats on the find.
    Abby is too cute.

  8. The tea towel is very pretty. I think your BG deserved that big bag - looks like he was workin' hard1


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