Saturday, January 9, 2010

Strategies for Saturday

Baby, it's still cold outside! This morning about 2am, I couldn't sleep so I put this together for the upcoming Emma project. This is the first time I have used the Sajou thread card and the DMC threads were a challenge to get through those little holes. But, they look so pretty. I can't wait to see the design. My linen and floss are ready!

This card is cool because on the backside of it you can pencil in your numbers and then erase for your next project. I tested it out and it really works well. I tried to write neatly but the medical field has worsened my handwriting terribly over the years. You should see the grocery lists and BG trying to read them. This past week, he calls me from the grocery store and says "On this list what is the word to the side kinda sideways and says cheap....something.....?" Yep, it's not too good.

This morning out my window the ice is still on the ground. We have some icicles on the back side of the house that I saw as I just made coffee and had already downloaded my pics.
But the sun is shining bright. The high today is supposed to be around 27.

I hope to get this piece Vintagey after drinking my coffee this morning and letting some cool in a pan.
About 1am, I finally cleaned up my work area. This is one of 3 work areas in my family room. That's sad isn't it! LOL

Oh, please, please, look at this. I was searching through one of my stash boxes and forgot about this piece I picked up for 60% off this past year at The Dogwood Patch, now the Stitch Store.
Wouldn't this make a good Valentiney gift?
If I smoke my needles through Northanger Abbey and the Emma Project, maybe, just maybe I could squeeze this one in.
I have someone special in mind that needs to read this. This needs Weeks Dye threads which some I have and some not. So, I will inventory. You can use DMC but the effect would not be the same as this picture here.

So, my days of up till 2am, sleep till 10am are slowing to an end. Tonight I will gradually try to get myself back to a normal work week sleep schedule........right.........LOL

Have a great warm day somewhere nice and cozy. I just watched the weather channel again......and they say 80% of the country got snow yesterday and is under an Artic Blast.
Maybe this will delay the Global Warming issue now. ;)



  1. We didn't get any white stuff yesterday or anytime yet! I am still hopeful though that it doesn't pass us by entirely this year!

    I love all the designs and pictures!

  2. Jennifer,

    What a cute little pattern you found in your stash! Do you have the flower charm? If not, I was thinking you could change up the colors a bit and use that cute flowery button you shared with us the other day!

    Stay warm!

  3. Thanks, Sherry! I think in looking at the weather predictions last night this is just the beginning of a long winter. More wintry weather is in store and you probably will see some snow before Spring.


  4. Oh, Catherine, what a great idea! I will do that because I don't have the button but yes, I could change up the colors use it.Great idea!


  5. Thanks for wishing me a nice warm day. Unfortunately my day is way too hot. It's summer here and I only move from airco to airco at the moment.
    Looking forward to see your piece coffee dyed.

  6. Hey!! I love Hpmespun Elegance! Check your email....I might have what you need!~ Faye


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