Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Around the house, hoping for snow, thinking of Valentines already

It's almost time to get out some Valentines thingies. I have a few. It's kinda easy for me because I already have alot of heart things around the house. Last year, I got these fabric made roses and I love them! They are made in different red patterned fabrics. What a cute idea!

Thomas has the right idea for this cold weather. We are hoping for good snow coverage by Thursday so I'm going to run some errands today while I can get out of the driveway.
Bodyguard says he likes the snow too. You know the biggest snow we had while we moved up here was in January 2002. BG was finishing up his year in the Reserves and unfortunately got called up 7 days after our marriage after the 9-11. So, I spent the first year of our marriage alone. But, my daughter should remember that first snow only 2 months after we moved here. She was so excited as she had never seen snow of 8inch depth. She made snow angels in the walkway at about 9pm that night and I have pictures of her tasting the snow and laughing.

Ren has his coat ready, but I think his little joints won't allow him to wonder out in the snow.

He is doing better with his new medicine. I'm still in shock with the price of 3 ml of an antiinflammatory for canines, 78.00. Almost stroked when BG told me what he had to pay when picking it up. But I can't complain about the vet here. They are very prompt with phone calls, emergencies, and exams. They all know Ren. I call and say, "Hey, this is Ren's mama, and he is really shaky in the knees and think he needs some arthritis medicine". And they know him right off. They said, "yes, it's probably the weather right now worsening his arthritis and of course he is almost 17 years old"........oh, please don't remind me, please! I can't bear the thought of Ren not being in our house.

So, he has a vitamin/glucosamine med which I have to break up and sprinkle in a good bit of food for prevention and then the antiinflammatory med, a tiny bit of liquid for acute flares.

Abbie still doesn't understand why he won't play with her and she barks at him when he is awake. Such is the circus at our house............

I"m catching up on some world news and I tell you that the US is heading in some bad directions.
Every day there's something else that happens that is unbelievable. It makes one afraid to go anywhere in the public anymore. Flying is almost like being victimized all over again. I don't usually go through the airport experience but once or twice a year. Once for sure for business related conference and I"m dreading going through the airport this year. Years past I would fly alone but this will be no more. Just too much going on out there that is crazy.

Off to finish some stuff. I need to finish Northanger Abbey, because I already know that A Tulip for My Love from Examplars from the Heart is next up. Lovely, lovely sampler and so perfect for our Valentines this year!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..............



  1. Jennifer,

    I love the new picture at the top of your blog! How lucky you are to have such a view!

    You have reminded me that it is indeed time to think about Valentine's day. If I wait until February then I don't get to enjoy it as long!

    I am glad to hear that Ren is doing better with his new meds - you'll have to take a picture of him with his coat on!

    Stay warm!

  2. Can I ship you some snow? We have plenty.

    Glad that Ren is doing better.

  3. OOOOH would just love some cool weather here. We are now in mid summer and it was 43*C yesterday. Enjoy it and glad Ren is better.


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