Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Camp Sew Red and recharging

Just finished this freebie by The Sampler Girl. Pop over to her blog and check it out.

I started it this morning as I was watching the news. Stitching away the frustrations of the world mess we have now. I haven't quite figured out what to do with it yet. Frame it? Pinkeep? Needlebook? (I've never made one, so that is low on the list), a pillowkeep? a pillow? Don't know yet. But when I finish it-finish it......I will show you a pic. I have now about 5 more things to finish-finish/ you know that feeling, right?

I just know that after I reached the M, I ran out of the particular red I pulled from my UFO jar and I thought I had more.......oh, I did, in about 10 other shades of red. I think I about pulled out my hair stressing over if I could find a decent match. My back-up plan B was to take out the E in Be and just stitch the first letters in this color, then an overdye that matched for the lower-cased letters.

Well, after eating a double-cheeseburger and fries that BG brought home for lunch I got the energy to find one (thank you Jesus^) that matched enough.

My plan C was to coffee dye it with my little bit of leftover coffee this morning. That would blend the colors together and it is DMC I'm sure of that which is colorfast. Although I did get a quick, visual flash of what it could look like if I wet it, like blood dripping from each letter and then I reminded my self that this is Valentines not Halloween......... ;)

Now, can you tell why I'm a Virgo personality? Yes, it's bad at times, but we make good workers that's for sure! And analytical to say the least LOL

I also got all my supplies ready for the Emma Project and it's in another pile. I'm accumulating too many piles again. (Something about that doesn't sound right.)

Now, in looking at it on the computer, I'm glad that Plan A worked because I really like it white instead of coffee-dyed if use this material for contrast. And I hope to use it on this one and the one from Primitive Betty's freebie last night. See previous post.

So, my area of red here. Why am I stuck on the color red for 2 days? I mean, honestly, I just thought about it and right now at this very minute, I'm washing a load of "reds" in the washer.
Strange. And craving some Strawberry ice cream right now too!

My stitching partner at my personal stitching camp, Camp Sew Red yesterday and today was a bit roused once when the cheeseburger went past. Then,

Back to a long Winter's nap.

Thanks, Abbie for sleeping so I could feed my introverted soul today and recharge this week before returning to the mad rush on Monday.


  1. Ooooo, it is just lovely! It goes so well with the fabric too. Great finish.

  2. I like that new Be Mine pattern. I think it would look cute as a pinpillow or done as a framed scrapbook page. Adhere onto that backing fabric with frame with a photo of you and BG. Hope that makes sense. I love red too!

  3. Thanks Daffycat! I love that fabric too.

    Thanks, Valerie. That's a great suggestion!! I can visualize that now and I would just have to find a pic of us together......


  4. That's so pretty Jennifer. And I do love that fabric! You're really stitching up a storm and you're in such good company with Ren! She's adorable.

  5. You are so creative with you finishes! I'm sure what ever you decide, they will be lovely. Can't wait to see.

    I may have misspelled Abbie's name on a previous comment on a previous post...sorry! She looks so comfy all snuggled up!

  6. Oh, Catherine, no worries......I spell is Abbie but I didn't notice, you always are so encouraging I would never notice that! ;)

    I think Valerie had a great idea if I had a good small pic of me and BG too but I may just do a pinkeep with both and are start a Valentine pinkeeps with hearts and such in the wooden bowl in my kitchen.

    Thanks for your comments.


  7. Very pretty! You sure are a fast stitcher. It looks nice with that red and white fabric you have it on.

  8. Love both the Be Mine and Valentine stitches, and I LOVE that fabric--what sweet finishes they will be with the black frames. You do such lovely work.


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