Monday, January 4, 2010

Abbie Renee Dalmation

Hi, don't I look cute after a bath? My mommie thought I had some dark, dirty spots on my fur from our trip. She didn't bath me since then because it was too cold and I don't want to get sick. Today, she gave me a bath and guess what?

Those large brown spots...........they aren't dirt, they are my underfir that's growing in, dark and spotty like a Dalmation! This is me wet after a bath and before my blow dry that I absolutely do not like! I have lots of undercoat growing in and I will have two big ole' brown spots on my back!

Aren't I even cuter now? My daddy is laughing very hard when mommie called him to tell him because he used to raise Dalmations years ago. He raised Dalmation puppies too. He likes my spots because he thinks now I'm really one of his Dalmations reincarnated! hehehehehehehehe

Don't you like surprises? So, you can call me Abbie or Dallie.........

Love Always,


  1. Such a cutie. I love the progress on Northanger Abbey. After I saw yours I had to take advantage of the sale at the Sampler Girl and get it with the fabric for finishing. I am impressed that you have a finish for 2010 already. I love reading your blog as we used to live near there and I am still and will always be a Georgia girl. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Marjo,
    yes, I love all her samplers and if you pop over again to her blog you can see she is working on one for the Emma series show on PBS this month!
    I've done quite a few last year and often thought of reselling the patterns but I just can't let them go.......I hardly ever stitch something twice but I may one day so I keep them.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. Yes, I'm a born Georgia girl, used to live in south Ga., 8 years now in North Ga. mountains.


  3. Love those spots coming in. If she has freckles on her belly..won't she just be too cute?!

    I've been stitching today! Fingers are tired. Does that mean I'm getting old? LOL

  4. That Abbie is turning into quite a little darling!

    Tomorrow I have a trip to make to the postoffice so keep your eyes open for something special by the end of the week.

    Stay warm - it's freezing cold here in NJ. Went into Manhattan yesterday for some yarn shopping and fabric shopping and came home very quickly - much tooooo cold to be walking in the city.

    Sandy in NJ

  5. parsley, you are not old but I can tell you that arthritis right now is peak because of the cold weather.
    Did you get you a frame? I was going to let you know about basic supplies and suggest a Qsnap frame which comes in several sizes but for me, a floor stand really made the difference to hold them. Saves my shoulder and neck alot.

    You are so sweet. When I watch the weather channel I think about all my friends and where they live and how cold it is right now! Oh, I bet Manhatten is so cold right now---I'm a southern girl. My nose would be froze!
    I've never been to New York but that's one place me and my hubbie want to visit one day. Definitely though in summer or Fall.

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now and enjoy it tremendously.
    I always go through my blogs on my reader so I catch up with everyone but never have the chance to leave comments.
    I promised myself in the New Year I would make sure that people know how much I enjoy the peek into their lives.
    The main reason for this promise was your note that you were discontinuing your blog. I am thrilled you changed your mind. I'm not sure what I would do without a Miss Abbie update!!
    When I saw that post I realized that there are many people who don't know the few minutes of joy they give others because of people like me who are too shy to leave a comment.
    So today is day one of my pro-active blog reading! And your blog is my first stop!
    I enjoyed traveling with you on your road trip and thrilled right along with you when you found that old copy of GWTW (one of my favorites as well).
    I've even showed friends and family your blog pictures and I tell you they cringe when I come near them with my Blackberry and say "Oh, look at Miss Abbie today!" lol
    Thanks for reading all of this babble and thanks for sharing your stitching and your thoughts with the greater world.

  7. Lisa Anne,
    You are so, so sweet to say those kind things about my blog. I did regret that I gave up quickly to alot of stress one day and to tell you the truth the week before Christmas was alot for me to cope with this year. I tried to keep going through the motions but it just all peaked.
    I am glad I have gotten some R and R and back to writing again. I do like to blog.
    Miss Abbie is our baby now. Yep, she has spots growing in!
    You should have seen me washing and washing her thinking she had smudges on her! LOL
    Thanks again for your encouragement and I do hope you have a great week!



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