Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Have too much time to think

Today I:

stitched about 6 hours

cleaned up poo 10 times

fed picky doggies 3 times today

washed a load of clothes, got distracted. There are 8 more to go.

Ironed the creases out of my linen to stitch. It was folded for way too long.......waaaay too long.

Listened to the same CD on "Repeat random" from 12 noon till 5pm. Same CD. The music is still playing in my mind even now.

Watched CNN until I couldn't take it anymore.

Made coffee.

Drank a glass of Beringer White Zin after a hot bath.

Read every blog on my reader list at least once.

Counted all my spare buttons in the button jar.

Wondered what it was like to talk to someone on the phone besides automated advertisers.

Took a 5 minute nap with a camera, needle book, stitching supplies and computer on the sofa.

Realized it's only Wednesday of the week. Well, now almost technically Thursday if I stretch it 10 more minutes........LOL



  1. Sounds like a pretty good day...other than the poo and CNN part. Enjoy the rest of your time off!

  2. Oh how I wish! You know, it is harder work to 'look' busy than it is to be busy at my job! Hopefully it will pick up...


  3. I love Beringer too!!! It would be great to share a glass and stitch together!! Love what you did with Tanya's new freebie too. I would like to do that one too. Enjoy yourself!

  4. Well, I think that sounds like a pretty good day, but I think I know what you're going through. When I was working and had some time off, I didn't know what to do sometimes. It takes a while to get into a certain mode. Hey girl, if you're bored you can give me a call. Do you have a camera on your computer and linked to Skype? We could have a blast talking to each other!

  5. sounds like one of my days! I love the picture of the stitching. Just beautiful. Looks like you have a good start on finishes for this year already.

  6. LOL I agree with Meadows...:)
    Call me anytime, missy :)

  7. Holy taledo!! You got all of that done? Sounds like a pretty full day. I wonder how much we all actually get done in a day if we think about it?

  8. Well, I understand much of your day, especially the dog part.

    Boy..I've been stitching like crazy! It really is calming if I let myself get over mistakes. The backs of my projects look pitiful!

  9. I agree with Meadows08 - sounds like a great day - minus the poo and bad news part!

    I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying your time off.

    When my husband went back to work on Monday and the boys went back to school, the house seemed so empty and quiet - that at first, I didn't know quite what to do!

  10. At least you got a lot of stitching in, even if it had to be tainted with poo and CNN! Six hours of stitching sounds like heaven about now.
    Take Care!

  11. Sounds like a good day, Jennifer. I often listen to one CD for hours, if it's one of my favourite singer that is, lol. And how many buttons did you count???


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