Friday, January 8, 2010

Frozen Friday

Abbie begged me in her fashionable sweater from Tarjae to go out in the dusting of snow yesterday about 4:30p when it all started. It looked promising with big snowflakes but at first it didn't stick.
No, Abbie, we are not going out in the frigid weather.

She continued to beg and so I felt sorry for her and she snuck over and got a few shredded wheats from Ren's snack. Yes, Ren likes Frosted Shredded Wheat but he had finished and taking his 29th nap of the day by 5pm. So guess what I found.

The Paper Shredder turned Frosted Wheat Shredder

yep, busted. I read her the Miranda rights at that time and she opted to get an attorney before she could further defend herself.

This morning was not much more snow here but I'm watching TV and it looks like Atlanta got more than we did.

This morning out my bedroom window.
Yesterday at 5pm out my bedroom window.

Raven liked it. She got a extra large treat which actually looked like twisted rubber Twizzlers and was happy for the day.

Again, this is the pic from yesterday afternoon. Just a powdery picture.

And this also happened at about 4:30pm on the TV. My previous camera always took good pics of the TV. They were clear and colorful; however, I guess I have learned the function on my present one as when looking through the lens a constant black line rose higher and higher, over and over, almost making me dizzy. But, I caught a few no-brainer statements from our ......Commander in Chief. He made the earth-shattering statements that "even the best intelligence can't identify every individual who would us harm." To decipher that statement he really meant" hey.... don't blame me, --it just happens"

Another brilliant suggestion is "Strengthening criteria used to put people on watch and no-fly lists". Duh?
It gets even more earth-shattering new news. He says "We have disrupted plots at home and abroad". Now, that really was a no-brainer Mr. President. Ya think? I think that's a nice way to put it actually.

He is "urging greater use of screening technology including scanners."

I think that his brain has stretched too much here. At this point, I turned the rock-shattering news off. I couldn't stand any more narcisism.
If that sounds cynical, sorry. I'm completely frustrated with him. I can't imagine where we will be in 3 more years with his slow unrealistic thinking.

At least he didn't talk about Global Warming as a priority above security right now. I guess the winter chill has convinced him we are not melting right now. LOL


  1. Wow, that last picture of Obama cracks me up. Looks like his head is inflating with hot air! LOL

    Can't believe you got snow down there. I did hear that Atlanta was a mess. We got about four inches last night, but we're used to it up here.

  2. You and I think alot alike on this subject. lol And I love the "head" shot.
    Abbie looks so precious in her little sweater!

  3. Global cooling is what's going on this week. BRRR!

    Did you make his head look that big or is it that big? LOL

  4. Actually, if I remember correctly, the Earth went down an entire degree in the last year or so (I hang around with too many geeks)

  5. Abbie looks so cute in her sweater! Those eyes just melt me! I'd have a hard time saying no to those!

    We only had about an inch of snow here, but it's still really windy and cold!

    Stay warm!

  6. Deb, yup, he is full of hot air! LOL

    To all,
    I don't know how in the world that picture took like that. I laughed when I saw it download like that. I probably couldn't repeat it if I wanted to but I thought it was too weird, hence maybe a laugh or two for some.

  7. Abbie is adorable.

    No snow here just a little chilly... you all would be saying hey that is not chilly that is shorts weather.

    No comment on Obama... I have my own opinions of him. Did not vote for him. Just keep praying for America.


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