Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Color and textures

Inspired by this fat quarter in my stash today found at the bottom of one (I did say one) of my baskets~~~~~~

I really forgot about from a quilt shop trip long ago but oh, so pretty right now.

I began to appreciate the color of red and the textures, the different shades~~~all so beautiful.

Red buttons I have collected, many red buttons. The texture of Jobelan remnant underneath the different red buttons for contrast.

one of my favorite old buttons

There are no two the same, hence they stay in my button jar for awhile.

My mind begins to wonder where ,oh where, these buttons have been? Who wore them? What were they like? Oh, if buttons could talk.

Shiny and a bit varigated

My second favorite I have. I love the flower design.

A jelly-like, translucent red button.

A remnant of Jobalen against another fat quarter which is more vintage in contrast to the bright one.

Each have their place in creating a pretty design, I'm sure of that. I think I will use a nice antique white linen with the brighter red one.

The texture of Creek Bed Brown linen is different, but I like it too.
I also enjoy my Love scissors.

I'm really playing with some controls on my camera here. Boy, the micro -closeup really works well. I love this fat quarter too. A more cinnamonny red color and a bit paisley. A bit flowerery but not too large.

Soft and sweet. White. Mostly.

Ren with a new blanket in his blues and red, soft and sweet.

White and soft.

Do you have one of these jars? I collect all my leftover unlabeled flosses here. It's not quite an ORT jar because the threads are a good length. But any threads which end up not getting labeled or leftover in a kit, are housed here. Remember, I'm a pac-rat. I save everything!

Because how could I throw away good threads?

Wow, at the colors and threads I have accumulated! And who knows what the names of the threads are, that's the thing. But they make for a good quick small project.

So, what is your favorite color? Your favorite linen? Or, are you like me and just about love every color and fabric?

Enjoy your day!



  1. Great post - love that new blankie. Too cute!


  2. The Jobelan looks more like an evenweave like Aida than linen. I may try some out next order. I love all the fabrics. And I have a jar too. Mine isn't quite as full as yours though.

  3. What great fabrics and butons! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    And as always, Ren and Abbey are so cute!


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