Saturday, January 16, 2010

A roaming kind of day

I feel like it's been forever that I wrote in my blog! It's only been a few days. Our backup computer finally became impossible to use so we had to cave and get a new one. A Walmart special at 398.00. Compaq with all the bells and whistles. I'm very pleased with it.

I'm really very pleased with any computer that types and downloads pics within 2 hours! LOL
I got spoiled. I think a computer is about as important in today's times as a car. I have warranty on my other one but BG will be able to use it when it comes back from getting fixed. He was the one wanting us to get another one. I think he was tired of me jumping up and down on the sofa, swearing, and yelling at the old one. He really, really wanted me to get another one.

The week has flown by. Even today, I just got home, not from work but a full day of girlie stuff like hair appt, errands for girlie things, Walmart trip.......again, quilt shop, thrift store and antique store roaming and all sorts of things girls could get into.

In the middle of my roaming, I ate lunch in the car at Taco Bell, one of my favorite fast food spots. I love their Nachos Supreme!! I watched the cold raindrops roll down my windows. But I was totally in oblivion with Nachos and sour cream.

But anyways, while I was getting my hair cut and colored, I had a complete view in the chair of all the women going in and out of the quilt shop next door. The thought did cross my mind once to take my time with the mud on my head to shop at the quilt shop through their fabrics but I didn't want to scare I waited till I finished there.

Well, it seemed on this rainy day in Ga., that the quilt shop closed 5 minutes when I got there and I desperately needed 2 DMC flosses to finish Northanger Abbey. I mean, there's just so much substituting you can do and then it really changes up the design.

So, there was a man at the door and with both our umbrellas I said, "Oh, no! It's closed?"
He said yes, they had a death in the family. Evidently this was the shop owners husband, who I never met and we had this little conversation in the pouring rain about DMC floss and how rare it is in the area and after this he had a soft heart to open the store and said, OK, if you know where DMC is......he said he had no idea what that was! I giggled and flew right over to the rack and quickly picked out my flosses and then his wife came up from the back dressed in funeral attire and I thanked her a million times for letting me get those threads in the dark store before I headed out for other adventures. She was fine with it.

However, this led to another adventure to another quilt store to find a fat quarter to back one of the January Blackbird Design stockings I finished, plus fusing material. I found both and when I get the stocking completed, I will post you a pic.
Of course this quilt shop was in an old house and has The most fabric ever so I had to roam around in that one too. I picked up a few other fat quarters and headed back out in the rain.

Next, I had to check out a couple thrift stores and did get a couple of "sweater pillows" with some old lace around the edge. I really just like walking around and remembering old things that were out years and years ago. Makes me feel young again. I also found in another old store a book about Mary Lincoln's Marriage. It is really old and looked intriguing to read so it came home with me as well.

Then onward to Wallie World again to find a couple of things. Went to get one thing, came out with 20. You know how that goes. But, again this Walmart has a fabric dept and I can get lost in fabric.

By the time I got home, Body Guard thought someone had captured me, I think. LOL

Now that I have a functioning computer, I can share with you what came in the mail yesterday!!!! This was the biggest mail surprise!

FayeRaye, a blogger friend, emailed me and said she had the two colors I needed for one of the designs I showed in my blog last week--Homespun Elegance design. How thoughtful of her to offer to swap or send if she had those....And lucky me. Not only did she send the 2 colors but also all of this in a package!

The package was beautifully put together. I absolutely loved the note she wrote and the sweet, sweet sampler she made and tucked nicely in a cute piece of prim ribbon. Also the cutest safety pins I've ever seen in my life. Beautiful colors!!!!!! Thank you FayRaye! You are awesome, so crafty and sweet!

Look at the pretty Valentine sampler she made and sent. She said this was one for her Valentine Tree. You just have to check out her blog with all the beautiful Valentine pinkeeps and samplers she put on a tree! Faye's blog is at

She also included some prim, rick-rack which I love!!!!!! The colors I needed were Week's Dye, Teal Frost, and Bark. Speaking of Bark.....Miss Abbie is speaking right now....LOL

Look at these beautiful pins!! I lead a sheltered life. I've never seen such cute prim safety pins. I can't wait to use this on a pillowkeep.

And her note was made by hand and had beautiful writing on it. I loved it too.
I wish I could be so crafty to make a pretty note like this.
Now is this not the sweetest thing?
FayeRaye, I appreciate your kind note and all that you sent me. I will treasure it forever! The colors are gorgeous and so is your stitching.
I owe you, girl! ;) Big time!
Well, it's still pouring rain outside and we have a cozy fire inside going. The dogs are quiet for a change. I'm working on Northanger Abbey and listening to the news channel and all the aweful pictures of heart goes out to them. Such a disaster!
Hope you're day went well too and you are having a nice evening stitching and staying cozy.


  1. What a day you had Jennifer! I would have have LOVED to have shared the afternoon with you! When I read the Nachos Supreme from Taco Bell I about fell out of my chair! Kindred spirits are we - that's my favorite too!!

    What a sweet package to receive. So thoughtful and beautiful! Lucky you!

  2. What a great day! I love all the goodies you got in the mail - the V's day sampler is so pretty!!!

  3. Wow! Girlfriend, I would call that a perfect day, and I gotta tell ya, Taco Bell is heaven on earth and comfort food at it's best! You are so blessed to receive such amazing goodies, that FayeRaye is a cutie, aint she? It's that Carolina hospitality and her sweet heart.

    Enjoy all of your treats :)

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Glad Bodyguard didn't send out the troops looking for you.

    Faye is a marvelous and very generous person. You won't find a better friend.

  5. That sounds like a really great day! The goodies that were sent to you are amazing. I think it is great to have something that someone else stitched!

    Enjoy all your treasures!

  6. Wow! What a super day! I love the sampler. Yes, Faye has a great blog. How sweet of her to send the floss too. I love quilt shops. Wish we had one around here. New computers are always fun! Enjoy it!


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