Saturday, January 30, 2010

Progress and then staying home in ice

Last night I continued to fret over the blues.......the blues, that is, in this sampler. You see, evidently I started the blue flowers in the waiting room Wed., and had to frog the first two twice, maybe 3 times because I kept getting the wrong blue from my thread card.

Lesson learned, take a monochromatic project to a hospital waiting room.

Too many distractions.

But this is my progress. I'm almost finished with outlining the last blue flower.

While I love the colors, I ended up making the inner part of the flowers two different shades.
One on each end. So, that's my mixed up version but somewhat blends.

Today I will work on the words.

Good news is that yesterday I won the DMC card on EBAY!!!! The one with the actual thread swatches. YIPPEE for me!

This is a pic of my morning, after sleeping till 9:30, which is late for me.

It rained and sleeted last night. No snow. Just ice on the heavy branches swinging over our house.

I see all the clear bulbs of ice and icicles on the house. We are praying the branches don't fall on our house. Tonight it is supposed to snow on top of all this ice.
I should be stitching, Little House in the Big Woods.

I prepared for this "can't go nowhere weekend". I made a big pan of chicken goulosh last night and sealed it up to put in oven for 1 hour.

Ren made it over to the oven as he obviously has at least his smell senses, a little, still left! He whines and paces the whole time it's cooking. And dogfood won't do for him for an appetizer either.

I cooked at 1 hour then took off the foil and cooked for 15 minutes. It's nice and juicy.

I took a before pic, but no after because we had already started eating when I thought about it.
So, basically, I took 4 large frozen chicken breasts and put on a well greased pan. (I live in the South, remember).
Then I took Celery salt and put all over the chicken on both sides, with some coarse black pepper.
Then I washed and threw all over the pan a bunch of baby carrots.
Then I looked in frig and got a half bottle of Bacon Ranch dressing and poured it all over the pile.
Then I sprinkled on lots of Oregano, Chives, Paprika and more Pepper.

And I put in the oven at 375 for an hour, uncovered then and 15 minutes more.
I wish I could have remembered to take a post-cook pic. It was good. The dressing completely disolves like juice and keeps the chicken juicy but healthy.
I also made some Cranberry Stove Top stuffing to go with it.
The herbs were for "root medicine" for the Body Guard to keep getting, just joking....LOL
I made alot because I also cooked baby lima beans on the stove for an hour and 1/2 at the same time.
I plan to make a Chicken Pot Pie today with all the leftovers.
That's the way we have to plan in the country, especially in icey weather. The first grocery store is about a 10 mile roundtrip.
I also have a beef roast thawing for the Crock Pot tonight and that will get us through Monday.
Well, I have a few things to get back too here, like needy puppies, housework and stitching and a hot bubble bath to soak.
BG is getting much much better. He really is doing more than he should be doing but he is stubborn so........I guess that's the determination I like about him.
Till later,


  1. What a great weekend to stay in, warm and toasty with all that great food and just be....

    Enjoy, stay warm, safe and stitchy!

  2. So glad to hear BG is improving. That chicken looks incredible! Can I come over?? And I like your "mixed up" blue flowers :)

  3. Your Emma project looks great! I think the color variations personalize it, so forget about the frog.

    Glad to hear that you won the DMC card. I know it will come in handy.

    Keep warm and I'll try to send the snow your way. But, only if you can save me some pot pie.......I love that stuff!

  4. I can smell the chicken from here! It sounds delicious! Congratulations on the DMC card! You will surely enjoy that! We had snow last night and afterwards. We got some more snow this morning with a little more ice. My poor birdies are cold outside in this mess.

  5. This dish looks and sounds delish...I like having leftovers for a pot pie too. Perfect comfort food a wintery day...hugs, Linda

  6. mmmmm...that looks and sounds delish!!
    Snow here has stopped for the moment but ther is around 2 feet on the ground already! I can do without any more!
    Congrats on your ebay win!! It always feels so good to win, and especially when it is something so useful!!


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