Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pot love Sunday

They say that love grows in many ways.

Yesterday, I cleaned the whole house. I cleaned closets. My laundry is done. Normally, this would be a good thing. But when my closets are clean and all my laundry is done......something's usually brewing for me.

So, in the madness of cleaning for therapy yesterday, and because the rainy, windy day couldn't get much worse, I actually cleaned off the kitchen island. Fat quarters, flosses were sorted, man I was going at it until midnight. I had my DMC flosses I found scattered and there all in organized fashion now.

I found something I want to show you that's been sitting on my counter for about a week. You can find them at Target or Tarjay, the way we call it.

And oh..... it's not the man in the couple there I found at's the little , itty bitty, potlove boxes. I usually have absolutely no luck growing anything from seeds. You would think so with all the "caring for" attitudes I have, but nope, it's usually dead by Spring. But I'm going to try again anyway.

I wish I had taken a pic of the pellet before water was added. It was about the size of a quarter and twice as thick.
I got all the directions from the back of the label. There are different varieties of flowers. I picked Burning Love, of course. Now, that can be a good thing.........or that could be a not-so-good thing. LOL

The directions say to get a smal bowl/cup and put 1/6th cup of water in it and I watched it grow faster than a burning love session can get! I'm talking fast. By the time I could snap a picture it was this big. So, as is, with the burning love types! LOL (ok, minds out of the gutter now....) Maybe they sprinkled it with a little Viagra......who knows?

Here's the cutest little pot.

And the front of the label. They all say Valentine Grow Kit. But the sides tell you what you will be growing. If I can see this right, it looks like this will be a red flower which has shapes of hearts for the petals.

Here's the side label. Burning love. Seeds are from Holland--KEWEL. The fancy name for all you biologists out there is at the top.

So. With my morning coffee, I'm going to try to make Burning Love.
After the soil pellets shoots up and fills up with water, you take it out of the cup.

Transfer it to the teeny pot. It will be all fluffy.

Open the Burning Love seeds.

And put the seeds on top of the broken soil. It says no more than ten but they give you lots, so I lavished it with whatever was in the packet. I want lots of Burning Love.

Then press down the soil, folding in the seeds lightly.

And find a sunny spot to nurture it. Yep, I missed wiping out the kitchen windowsills last night. Oops!

You can get these in the dollar section at Target if you like planting from seeds. I just loved the little clay pots.

You can see they are tiny.

They were going like hotcakes last week when I went but I hope they have some more.
Here's the other 2 kinds of love you can plant. Strawberries or Forget-me-nots.

So, what's your love-type this year for Valentines? Would you describe it as Burning Love? or Forget-me nots? or that slow, strong bonded Strawberry type? LOL
Here's hoping it's not the Forget-me-nots but years ago, I have been there, and done that.

Well I put it in a sunny spot and hope that it starts growing. If it does (the flowers that is), it will be a first for me. So, I put it by my love couple here for good luck.

I'll put my other two there too. I'm telling you here though, I don't have the best of luck with growing flowers from seeds. Thinking of that in general, I sometimes don't have the best of luck.
Anyway, I like the red flowers the best.
Forget-me -nots sound depressing but I'm fixing to plant them too.
Now, strawberries. That would be a miracle indeed if I could get strawberries to grow. I love to eat strawberries. Wish me luck!


  1. I go on cleaning sprees to deal with my stress :)

  2. Sounds like you have been a very productive girl! May you have tons and tons of burnin' love!

  3. I am on my way out the door to Target. I have to get these for Valentine gifts !!! My grandson will love to watch it grow !!

  4. Just a clumpa, clumpa burning love!

  5. I love your little plant, what a great idea :) I also love your little couple, that is so cool and looks antique. Enjoy your day, you sure earned a day of rest!


  6. I just love those little flowers! I hope they grow because I want to see them in full bloom.

  7. I love your little plant to-be, I like gardening, and soon you'll have some bunch of lovely flowers, nothing compares to natural, no matter if it just last for a few days!


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