Friday, January 29, 2010

Scroll rods and other stitchy stuff

Now, there are many dreams a girl can dream....this is one of them.

A Needlework 4 system.

I think Santa should know about this one quite a bit early...................cause I would love to be able to flip my work over without tugging at lug bolts and adjusting my herniated neck! It looks simple and light too. The price for everything for this frame is over the top for me right now. So, I will just move along to get the parts I need for my present frame.

oh, I know........I should just suggest it to Body guard while he is on Hydrocodone after surgery and he will just wink and say, OK, that's fine.........LOL Then after he gets the credit card bill he will have a coronary from the cost of all the parts and thingies you need with it.........
No, I won't do that......promise.

It all started yesterday when I was trying to order some of these which are very reasonable in cost of 1.85 each..........especially if you think about how many callouses you'll save on your fingers from turning metal bolts! I wish you could order straight through Paypal but not at this site. Deb told me about this site last year

I need 8 of these.

Now this pair of glasses I found at a completely different site and with my senile mind I can't remember exactly but I think I saw them on Nordic Needle website?

Anyhoo, these magnify 2 x and have LED lights with batteries, they look travel friendly. The lights shine down on your work +magnification----yep, this looks good, anybody ever seen these in real life???? Are they really functional on travel trips?

Ok, I've had questions on the type of frame ihave. I use Q snaps with a wooden floor stand, sometimes, and then just stitch in hand sometimes, and then last year I got this K's frame on Ebay for a great deal and this is what I use for larger projects. I have only one size of dowel rods at the present time. I hope to add more sizes that will fit my frame, smaller sizes. Another measuring today while I get those knobs.

These scroll rods in various sizes here. Notice the black knobs. Those you buy separately but I can tell why this is worth the 1.85 each. This system is also basting, where you stitch the material onto the cloth on the top and bottom of the scroll rod. There are some no -basting systems that use a velcro type material but I just use the basting method.
Basting my new project is helpful during mornings like this, or evenings, where I just heard on the news of a blast and shoot out in Afghanistan and holding our breaths, there are no the more I have to sew, the better I deal with it............

So, I'm going to pop over to the Threadneedle Street site and see how I can call and order those knobs. Just one recommendation though: click on the above link to the right one. There are 2 cross stitch Threadneedle sites and this one above is the good one that has all the accessories.

Now, I'm going to wash some more doggie blankets and fold laundry----my most favorite thing to do....NOT! :O

Then, I'm going to sneak in some stitchy time today, hopefully, as yesterday I was quite busy with tendering care. When I did get to sit and watch TV, I had to soothe chihauahaus quite a while. They can detect changes......and poor Ren, is high, high mainenance right now and that's driving Abbie nuts.



  1. I think that you definitely need to start filling the BG's ear with big hints about that system. Girl, with what you've been through, he should buy you two! LOL My girlfriend has one and just loves it. I'd have one too if it would sit over my stitching chair but it won't.

    Come to think about it, I need a few of those knobs myself. I've managed quite a collection of rods over the years, but still wrestle with a couple pairs of the plain screws - not nice on your hands!

  2. Yep, Deb, I started having second thoughts on spending more money for those frames and just get the whole kit and kaboodle.
    I love that website by the way and I could get into some serious retail therapy trouble there!
    I'm fixing to go call these folks and order my knobs. But, I could easily just get another stand like that and be done with it right? LOL
    It's started sleeting here and we are going to get a storm. Lovely.
    Maybe it will snow!!!!!

  3. Oh I hear ya on the new stitching stand. I've had my eye on the very same one. I have all sorts of odds and sods here. Lots of bits of this and pieces of that but that's how it'll remain for a while. I'll muddle through and talk about a new stand for a while. I'll either get one for Christmas or just talk myself into buying one before hand. LOL!

  4. I have a Needlework System 4...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Can't do without it. Start nagging....can't start early enough with that. So that with Christmas BG has had enough of your nagging and just gets you one. It's totally worth it.
    Ohh....and I bought mine also from Threadneedlestreet. They have a great customer service.


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