Friday, January 29, 2010

Hi, it's me......Abbie again......

Hi everybody!
This week my mommie has been trying to stitch on this frame-like thingie and I like to try and climb into her lap alot. I know how to dodge needles well!

I mean, my daddy is sick and my brother, Ren, is ignoring me even if I bark and try to play with him. When my mommie does get to sit in her stitching chair, that's my clue to sneak a few kissies from her.

When she's not looking, I like to try to turn on the computer and listen to the music. One time, I saw another Chi just like me!

I try to be good and if she stitches and I get tired of playing alone......I will give her the sad eyes.
She always caves for sad eyes.

Then, she'll talk sweetly to me and I just know I have her heart again. See my tail wagging?
I'm happy my mommie is going to hold me again.
Shhhhhhh.........don't wake Ren. Cause then she will go hold him instead.

This frame-like thingie would make a good hammock for me if she would let me just lay there......but.......
Bye now.


  1. What a cute post from Miss Abbie! I love the last picture where you can actually see the motion of her tail waggin'!

  2. Ohhh what a cutie patootie that girl is :) She looooves her Mama too!


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