Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finished Little Women pillow

Had fun with this one for sure!
I put some bells at the tie of the organza ribbon. This is Meghan's room or the Rose room now I guess you could say. This is the Little Women by the Sampler Girl.

Meghan is an artist and this is one of her pencil drawings from several years ago. She really is talented.

I have a very old table I need to refinish here. This is the minature child tea set to Old Country Roses that I have in my dining room. It has the little cream and sugar, the tiny teapot, and two tiny cups and saucers. I just got this table last year from my brother. It was my table and chairs when I was 3 years old. He had been using it for a TV stand. I think I've waited this long to refinish it because I'm not sure I want to paint the oak or just restain it. I can remember playing on this table at a very early age and having imaginary friends......LOL

I like how the heart buttons look.

and the bells on top...
Well, here it is midnight, or about, and I'm wide awake again.......6am will come early.......
I hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. Jennifer it's a lovely finish and I must say...your bed looks so comfy!!! Love your tea set too!!!

  2. Pretty, I love the room and your finish :)

  3. Congrats on such a lovely finish, it looks perfect sitting on the bed!

  4. Love it! You have a real flare for making things look cozy. I'm such a plain home decorator. blah

  5. Jennifer - your finish is great and looks lovely sitting on the bed! It looks so comfy cozy!!

  6. Hey you should have called me Jennifer - I was sitting up at the same time! I think your pillow is beautiful. I love the heart buttons and the bells and ribbon. Will you leave the pillow on the bed all year round - it certainly fits in very well.

  7. Thanks so much for all the compliments! I do love pink!!!

    I might leave it all year through, no sure about that yet.......

    Good thing is I had more pink Jobalen left over to make something else in pretty pink!!!

  8. It is beautiful,I love the pillow. I love the tea set. It is my favorite pattern.

  9. I love this finish. And the pillow is perfect. Wonderful work Jennifer.

  10. So sweet! It looks perfect right there too. I was posting around midnight last night as well.. lol Have to get as much stitching time in as possible first!

  11. Just beautiful Jennifer! You did a fantastic job with the finishing :o)


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