Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Fashions

I had a long day at work....but, a long lunch, so I zipped over to Target and found my Abbie a coat for our Chicago trip. Isn't she cute?

"Thank you Miss Tanya for letting my mommy know about this sale!" says Abbie

and another vest....
Ren has a special T shirt.......LOL

Here's Miss Priss

with her mommy

Hope you are having a GREAT FRIDAY!


  1. Nice outfits. Abbie doesn't seem to like the hood but Ren seems to like his shirt's saying. haha

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. OH mama! That is one well dressed lil lady! I love her outfits, she is ready for Chicago indeed!
    I love Ren's new outfit, he looks like a true bad***, and I just want to take and hug him...LOL.

    You look beautiful after a full day of work, my dear.

    Have a wonderful evening :)


  3. Abbie looks adorable! Ren's shirt is too funny!!!

  4. Where's the tiara??? She looks like a beautiful little princess adorned in her pink fashionable.

  5. So cute!!! Glad you found them, Jennifer. Each one loks comfy for her.


  6. yep, the tiarra is next..........


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