Thursday, November 19, 2009

Decisions, decisions.........

Well, at lunch today I did finish the red stitching around the piece here. I plan to cut this down more. I'm in a fringie mood this week! ;) thing is for sure I plan to cut off the fringe to refringe and make it smaller. Decision will be which style buttons for the corners....big or small? Rickrack or no rickrack?
Thought about making this into the end of a runner for my kitchen island or keep for the tree ornie.
I'm up at 1am thinking about such things because I came home, ate, got drawn to the fireplace and a heavy quilt on the sofa and just woke up. I usually don't fall asleep but BG had the history channel on and they started talking about the 14th century and I was gone after that..............

This is a pillow cover I've had for 2 years. I got on Ebay then. Each year I declared that it would make a great Christmas pillow. It's quite large so I'm thinking that maybe I will this year and maybe I won't find a design for it. I like the ruffle alot.

Its a larger even weave so I may play with it tomorrow.

Miss Abbie has a a Christmas dress! Isn't it cute?

Even with a XXS, it's too big on her through the bodice, so I will have to mend it a bit. for her to wear. She is not demonstrating a great interest for clothes like Ren and has been really active lately. So wrangling her for fashions may be a challenge. I'm going to try to get a picture with Ren in his Christmas sweater and her in this little dress......wish me luck!

Off to sleepyland again..........


  1. It's all beautiful! I love your project, and the ric-rac is just the perfect touch, I can't wait to see the finish, please share it with your friends :)

    I love Miss Abbie's Christmas dress, she is going to look stunning, even if it is a tad bit please :)

    I love your blog's holiday motif....very fun and festive!

    Have a great day and Hugs :)

  2. Hey Jennifer - I vote for going with both the buttons and the rick-rack - make it festive. You didn't say how large that pillow center is, but let me know - I may have some cute patterns around here that you can use. And can't wait to see the pictures of the puppies dressed up. If they're anything like my kids when they were little, it will be a struggle!!

  3. Can't wait to see that one finished! What a cute dress! Good luck getting in your attempts to keep Abbie still enough to dress her!

  4. I saw the perfect dress for her. I would have picked it up but didn't have any moolah. I also figured she'd be so tiny and then grow so fast that the size would be an issue.

  5. I prefer the smaller buttons, as they are not so shiny :o))


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