Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Be Still and Know Finished and Framed

Today was a repeat of yesterday in the busyness of life. But no sun, a gray, misty cold rainy day.

Errands to run. Drycleaning to pick up. Pharmacy. And then we tried out the brand new opening of Captain D's! Our little town is moving right along at getting restaurants. Conveniently located near the Walmart. We were simply too tired to cook tonight!

We had a few things to pick up there, like Chicken-flavored Dog Dingie Bones for Little Abbie and she loved them. We strolled through the Christmas part again and decided we will put up a tree this year and were like kids in the toy aisles and looking at trees, and beautiful bright ornaments!
I came home and went to work on framing the Be Still and Know Sampler by the Sampler Girl that I finished a couple of weeks ago. I initially, thought of making a pillow but then I decided I needed to see this right when I wake up in the morning. So it's housed directly across my bed on the wall with my angel collection.

I fringed it and put the pretty fabbie behind it. The frame actually is wood but came from Walmart for 3 bucks. I really like it.

At first glance I really, really liked the fabric to coordinate. After a while I had second thoughts for using this fabric as it was a busy pattern for such a statement.

But it grew on me and I decided to fringe.

And just let a little show around the edges.
Housed right over my angel collection, I will see it first thing every morning as I pass out the bedroom door.

In looking at it, I decided that it fit. The background swirls of paisley reminds me of all the directions my life takes and how busy it gets. The central reminder to Be Still in the middle of the busyness is sometimes necessary.

I also picked up a few pieces of fabric from Walmart last week in Dahlonega. Luckily, they still have a fabric section.

And I also have this beautiful piece of Jane Austen Moda fabric with large brown swirls that will finish a special piece nicely. This was also from The Sampler Girl Webshop.

This fabbie in my stash came from a quilt shop I stumbled upon last month.

My stash has gotten way out of control and scattered in various places. My mind is thinking of all the Christmas pieces I must do now and I'm getting pretty tired, so I'm calling it a night. Even though I set time to play with Abbie tonight after work, she is very upset at my not holding her for an hour before sleepy time and shredded 3 potty papers by the time I finished ironing and finishing this piece...........she is quiet now.


  1. Hi,
    I really like how you framed your piece, it looks great. Could you share how you did it.
    Abbie is a little cutie pie.

  2. I love the 'Be Still' piece Jennifer! I like the paisley in the background. I know what you mean about finding a Walmart that still has a fabric department. We have 5 here in town and as far as I know , only one of them still has fabric. I usually get mine at the quilt shop or at Jo-Ann's though so it's not a big deal to me. Most bigger towns have a Walmart though, so for folks that have that as their only source, find it difficult I'm sure. I love the "Little Women" pillow too. Very cute.

  3. What an adorable finish! I think the fabric does well behind your piece and for the exact reason you explained!

  4. Hey Sheila!
    Thanks for the compliment. I really did this one pretty simply.

    I cut my piece down to a 5 x7 around the design. Then, I pressed it on the underside, with a little steam iron.
    then, I pressed a piece of fabric that I cut out for 8 x 10 frame.
    I debated on using or not using the glass but decided to use it.
    The glass actually holds the piece together so if you want to change in the future to a pillowkeep or something, it will be easily dissassembled.
    I got a dark wood frame, simple from Walmart 3 bucks.
    And then I centered the linen over the fabric. One more pressing from the back and placed in the frame.
    I then worked with it to make sure it stayed centered. Then put the back on and there it is!
    An alternative way is not to use the glass and then you could attach the linen directly to the fabric or use buttons in the corners.
    I tend to keep glass over my linen pieces because it stays much cleaner that way, but that's just me.


  5. I love your new framed piece . You did a wonderful job on it. Our walmart only carries scrapbooking supplies now. Our fabric store called Fabricland closed so new homes could be built. Love to go to joanns in the states. I love your new little dog . Adorable!!

  6. Lovely finish Jennifer!! I would have never thought to finish something that way- what a neat idea. And that frame is really nice, esp. for 3.00! Love your beautiful fabrics too! :)

  7. Jennifer - What an excellent way of finishing off this piece. I love the fabric behind the piece exactly for the same reasons you mentioned - kind of a calm within the storm. And I love your creative of fringing the edges and putting it together like that!

  8. OH Jennifer it's a gorgeous finish! I love where you hung it, it is the perfect spot :)

    My Walmart no longer carries anything remotely related to cross stitch, but still has material, and lots of jewelry making supplies...kinda odd :)

    Hugs, friend :)

  9. Thanks so much! I'm really enjoying it. I'm typing and reading on my laptop in bed right now and can see it straight across the room. Some reassurance.



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