Saturday, November 21, 2009

When you think of your honey getting ready for Christmas

Be careful putting up those lights this year. hehehehe

When I think of my honey I know I have three more days........and we have our 8th wedding anniversary!

So, I'm having trouble finding the perfect Bronze gift for a man.

Any ideas? Traditional gift for 8th is put your thinking cap on and see what you can suggest!

Thanks so much to you!



  1. That pic was too funny!

    hmmm bronze...don't laugh! but what about a bronze Captain's Bell to hang either outside on the porch/patio or inside the house, as he is the Captain. :) We have one on our front porch by the American flag. Blushing cuz I know that sounded really dumb...giggle.


  2. Karyn! Great idea!

    I saw that picture last year and it makes me laugh alot.......LOL

  3. I love the bell idea! Go for it!


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