Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Sweet Pink Finish with a Peppermint Taste

Ok, finished is not really finished without finishing, right? Huh?

But........I did finish stitching this one last night and worried so much about the ribbon that I had dreams of polka dot ribbons. I so wanted to use the one like in the design model but all this week at the stores I couldn't find any pink(the right shade) with burgandy polka dots. :(
However, I got this burgandy organza ribbon in my stash and said hey this will work too!!

Little Women

designer, The Sampler Girl

28 ct Raspberry Jobelan

DMC threads

These chocolate covered peppermint dainties I found at good ole' Walmart in Dahlonega Georgia last week. I love them for coffee stirring! I find that if I"m in one of those ----I'm not going to celebrate the holidays--moods, which fluctuates quite rapidly right now with me, then just breathing in the cinnamon and walking in the Christmas Shop at Walmart puts me in the mood instantly.

The pink Raspberry Jobalen 28 count was a nice even-weave to stitch on. Pink is my very favorite color and I just love it!

I'm taking pics now before I take it over to the sewing machine . I always hold my breath at making pillows come out nice and neat!
I got the fabric at The Dogwood Patch, my LNS, soon to be The Stitch Store in Buford, Ga. By the way, she is opening the new store on January 4th (I believe) So excited to see it!!!!
I also got the ceramic heart buttons there as well. I love hearts.
The fabric was a very fortunate piece from The Sampler Girl and I'm sooooooo thankful for it!
I can't tell you how much I've wanted to stitch this pink piece since last year at Christmas when I saw it. Now, I have to decide where to hang it. Probably will go in my pink bedroom upstairs on the doorhandle!

Speaking of sweet..........I have a bunch of these in a packet from Walmart. If you are doing any parties this year, this would make a very seasonal and a prettie next to the coffee pot.

I'll share a peak at my's hard to talk about snowflakes when it's 72 degrees outside right now. And, I'm not complaining at all. It's very beautiful out right now.
Ok, wish me luck as I nervously make this pillow. I always hold my breath until I turn it inside out again to see if it's straight seamed......yes, I'm a Virgo............LOL (I'm laughing at myself, honestly).
Till later,


  1. OMW that is one gorgeous finish! and I love your Christmas goodies, I see a trip to Wally for me this week ;) You're so lucky you have a LNS, I have NONE, not within 100 miles of me...sniff sniff, where would I be without my online ones :)

    I love that you are decorating for Christmas and decided to enjoy the holidays, you deserve this return to a simlpler time!

    I am LOL with you, and I must add the disclaimer that I was under no way influenced or co-oerced into LOLing along with you, that I did so of my own free will, and that at no time were any peppermint sticks, snowflakes or floss harmed while making me LOL.
    signed...a LOL Ma Teakettle

    Hugs and enjoy your day!
    Let us know how the pillow comes out....fabulous I know!

  2. Adorable finish Jennifer! Love that pink fabric, it's so pretty. And if you want to talk about snowflakes, we've gotten about 7 inches of them since yesterday ;)

  3. That finish is so cute. I'm not a pink fan but that fabric is just gorgeous.
    Good luck with the pillow finish!

  4. So beautiful Jennifer! Best of luck with the sewing. I am sure it will be wonderful when it is done.

    I am so glad you stopped by my other blog after reading that your husband enjoyed the music for our SinterKlaas. It is a fun time of year.

    And thank you for the words of encouragement about my stash. It is so bad that Dr. Phil would walk away in I think I have hit rock bottom as I could not get to sleep because of facing how much I have. I also could not breath again because of the dust. I am hoping your words about your own allergies will come true for me here. I have to be on asthma meds as it is so bad. And this with me jokingly saying two summers ago that I was making myself sick from all my quilting. I had no idea it was really true.

    Hugs from Holland ~

    P.S. ~ I would love to see a photo if you do stitch the ornament.

  5. Karyn,
    Wallie world is great. I can do all my shopping in that one store.
    If it's not at Walmart, then......

    My LNS is a good 45 minutes from my house and when she moves it will be 1 hour away so it's rare that I get to go. Yes, online is great for that reason!!!!!
    I can get into some trouble with online shopping.......LOL

  6. Your finish is adorable, can't wait to see how the pillow turns out. Seeing how I have three boys, I love to see pink!

  7. I really, really love the color. I'm impressed...again.

    I am stitching a chihuahua kit right now. I can't wait to post a picture but I have a lot of work left.

    I don't know what to do with these finished products. I know I can frame them....

  8. I love pink too, Jennifer and your sweet stitching is going to make a great pillow. I can't wait to see it all finished - I know it'll be perfect!

  9. Love your piece! It's so pretty in pink. Also, love the idea of the chocolate peppermint stir sticks! What a good idea. I hope my walmart will have them.

    thanks for the inspirations!

  10. Jennifer, I really love that finish. I think that pink fabric goes so well for this design! I'm anxious to see how you finished it - I know that it will be perfect.

    And you know I'm a huge fan of Walmart too, so I might just have to hussle over there, although I'm still not in the Christmas mood yet - probably after Thanksgiving!

  11. Love that pink fabric!!!! Looks great with your stitching~~ So how did the pillow making process go?
    Those chocolate covered peppermint dainties look delicious!!! Might have to go get some myself~


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