Monday, November 16, 2009

The Night is here so fast.........

Nite is already here. Today went pretty fast at work. Much faster than a day off where I have too much time on my hands......I mean your day goes by pretty fast when you deal with folks and talking about their colon cleansing......and divorces, and children......and oh, my........interesting gynecology issues.....but there's something about helping other people I think, that helps me take my mind off my own worries. And for the most part, people are thankful for the advice or help.

Got home a little late, and Body Guard had cooked some spaghetti which was good and we quickly ate and took Abbie to show her to an elderly friend that lives down the road. I had promised her that I would bring her this week. She really liked her alot. She has really been a good puppy for us.
Ren is coping......I mean, moping, well, as long as he has his meals on time and he has a sweater or T-shirt on, he won't leave us a puddle at the oven.

Funny, because tonight BG had fixed Ren a bowl of noodles. Ren kinda sniffed it and walked off and looked around...blindly.....but anyway, I know I have spoiled him when I grabbed up the bowl, put 2 spoons of sauce and meat on top, a little sprinkle of Parmesian cheese and cut it up into little bitty bites.

Yep, he wolfed that down in about 2 seconds flat! ;)

He's back to his little sweet self, snuggling in his Christmas sweater today that Parsley sent....he said to tell Auntie Parsley haaaaaaaay!!!! (in Southern accent, of course)

I want to let you know that satelite radio has been worth every single dime since we got it in this past summer. No commercials and a good variety of music. In our previous car, I literally wore off the paint on the button to switch radio stations because I just like music, not commerials, and yacking in the morning. I found a channel for a Book Radio tonight.
Now, on my way home, I have about 45-50 minutes so this Book Radio channel sounded great. Actually, I listen to 80's or 70's channels on the way to work, flying at about 85 miles an hour and then on the way home, I'm switching over to the symphony or pops stations. (no, I'm not Bipolar). I just find that the classical is more calming and after a day of listening to 20 people talk about broken relationships, periods, and children, I'm ready for a calming effect.

I love the classical flute, violin, and piano. So, on the symphony channel tonight, this guy encouraged checking out the Book Radio channel occasionally and

so I found it.......

And let me tell you something! I started listening and they were into Chapter 2 of some book and it sounded at first almost like a Jane Austen book. Then it went pretty much like a harlequin romance book and it was very risque for public radio satelite station, interesting indeed.
Well, I was into the Chapter 3 by the time I drove home and ready to give my hubbie a great big long kiss!!!!

His answer to that and a back scratch was......."Now this is what the world needs for a stimulus and we would be all just fine!!"
I couldn't stop laughing at him.

Well, it's almost 11p now and I'm doing my favorite....NOT....activity of laundry. I had sorted it out in the hallway last night and Ren walked into my robe sleeve and he got hung in the sleeve. It's time to get the laundry done......
We are also mapping out our Chicago trip which BG wants to drive. EEEEK! So, I went to yahoo maps and have it planned to a T. It will be a 12 hour one way trip. But honestly, by the time we bought plane tickets and rented a car when we got there, and all the other fees they put on there, we probably will save about 900.00. The airlines get 100.00-150.00 dollars one way just for me to carry my 1 lb chichi in my stowaway on board. That's 300.00 right there.

So, he won that one.......besides, I'm imagining more money for shopping that way too....... it all evens out.......

Like Scarlet said, tomorrow is another day. By the time our return trip takes about 3 days because I will want to stop at every "after Christmas sale" in 25 towns, I promise you we will fly next time.....hehehehehee


  1. You could just drop off your pups here! I'll spoil them!

  2. Sounds like you had a busy day indeed. I don't have satellie radio, but if it has that kind of effect on you (the book channel), perhaps I can talk hubby into looking at one!


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