Thursday, June 16, 2011

My day came to a hault yesterday but.......I have a NEW stitching chair

without telling you a long sad story of how my eye got this way........the consequences of domestic violence years past still follow me daily. I've often been told that something will either kill you or make you stronger and through all eye trouble due to being hit in it so much in younger years, I hope I live to see judges REALLY hold domestic violence perpetrators responsible for the sequelae they induce that go on years and years. I'm a surviver, not a victim. As a survivor, I hope one day that real justice is served for men who choose to hit.

However, besides glaucoma, yesterday I woke up with really bad deep eye socket pain. I took some pain meds, went on with the day and it kept getting worse and worse until I called my eye doc to look, I knew something was wrong and losing my eyesight is a fear almost like no other for me. So I drove from work to the eye doc who is fixing to stop accepting my insurance so that's a whole different ball of wax.

The light from the windshied was really increasing the nerve pain but she looked and did a stain test. I knew I had an old scar on my cornea from a certain individaul's rants in the distance past but I tend to sleep with my eyes half-way open so if they become dry it's a problem. So happens to be in the same eye as I have glaucoma. The glaucoma is doing ok with the eye drops to make sure the pressure is lower. But this, a corneal ulcer is not what I expected to happen. Evidently my eyes were so dry that my eyelid stuck to the cornea and ripped off the surface of the scar on the cornea so I had to put meds in and sleep with an eye mask and will have to for 2 weeks.

 Needless to say, I'm determined to keep stitching, reading, writing, but rest my eyes when I can. The pharmacy is getting the med in today at noon. I just had a sample to get me through the night.

HOWEVER, on much better thoughts, I wanted you show you my new stitching chair. It was a find at an antique store for only 60.00. I fell in love with it. It is OLD!. The trim was loosened but Body Guard is going to fix that. He wiped it down good and took the tiny wheels off the bottom so it wouldn't tear up the hardwood floor. It looks low now but it's actually MUCH better stitching position with my needlework stand. And it's comfy for the hiney too. They actually labed it The Cross stitch Chair!
One call and BG brought his truck over and helped me get this beaufy. It looks good in the house and actually better as the other chair blocked alot of light from the window.

Take a looksee:

The really bright sun is not helping cooperate with good pic taking this morning.

I stitched this pillow with my initial back in 1981 (YIKES)

I love it.

I worked a little more night before last on the inner border as well just to get a feel for how Ann Hill would be bordered. If eyes cooperating today, I hope to get more work on her done.

The kit has DMC floss, no numbers, just description, so I put through my Sajou thread card and penciled in the color names as a guide.

And even with eye patch on, I plan to perservere today and work on stitching in this very chair! ;)

And the first person to contact me was Pat M. and she has been notified as I continue to clean out the Aida and old patterns to send. Stay tuned because I may have other things down the road.

I hope your Thursday goes well, you have good "sight", and pleasant company.

And remember. Never, ever, give up.


  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I also know how something from the past can weigh heavily until one day you overcome it. Keep your spirits high. I love your chair! sit, relax and smile.

  2. I LOVE that chair! Hooray for fun finds.

    I can't stand that you have the eye thing to deal with. hugs

  3. What a wonderful find!!!! I love that chair, it is beautiful. So happy that you found it and that it brings you such joy. May you have many hours of stitching pleasure in it...grins...I hope your eye will be better soon so that you can get back to your sampler which I also love. Hope you are having a good day.

  4. What a gorgeous new chair, and it looks so comfy too. Love your stitching corner. I see you have a System 4 stand as well. I can't live without mine...LOVE it.
    The border of Ann Hill looks so beautiful. Can't wait to see more of her.
    Wishing you a great day

  5. The chair is absolutely gorgeous,and it is so perfect for you.Needlework of seat and back is stunning,do you know the name of the stitcher? Whoever it is ,must be smiling down on you. :)

  6. Sigh! I am so sorry that you are having eye problems (and for the underlying reason for those problems). Take good care of them, and I hope you're back to full strength soon.

    Your chair looks lovely. Have a great time stitching in it!

  7. Dear Jennifer.

    I am sorry about your eye. I hope you feel better. I love your chair. It really looks comfy. Ann Hill looks great. I have stitching planned for today. By the way, I think your little kitten is adorable.

  8. Dearest Jennifer,

    Oh my... This is my worst fear too as I got only one good eye. My parents neglected to keep the patch on my eye when I was an infant. They felt sorry for me. But the result is that after the age of 7, there was nothing what could be done. Left, I'm legally blind, can't read or drive with that part. Knowing how to do fine handwork, I understand your dilemma perfectly well. Aside from the ulcer on your cornea it of course did open more emotional old wounds. Glad that the perfectly 'low back' chair did bring you some joy! It looks great and no doubt will feel great too. It is hard enough to strain your eyes, but back and rest of the body need to be in the proper position.
    A big all around hug for you and you better take care of yourself. Don't overdo on both of your eyes. Healing takes resting too.

    Lots of love,


  9. I am thinking about you and know that you will come through with flying colors. You are such a strong lady. Take care of yourself.

  10. What a horror about your eyes Jennifer. I hope that using the eye mask will work! But be careful of them for a while.

    You got a fantastic deal on that chair. It looks like the perfect stitching chair. Love the covers of the seat and back and the carving on the wood! Wonderful!

  11. Jennifer,
    I love your blog and your attitude! It's so uplifting to see someone not let their past get them down--especially when it affects their present. I hope your eye is feeling better soon.
    PS Love the new chair!

  12. Jennifer,
    I love your blog and your attitude to life! It so encouraging to so many that you don't let your past bring you down - even when it affects your present. I hope your eye is feeling better soon.
    PS Love the new chair.

  13. Jennifer I am so sorry to hear about your eyes. I will keep you in my prayers.. I love your new stitching chair. I am still hoping you will design something with my favorite saying life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass but it is about learning to dance in the rain. By the way it is what you are doing now. Take care. Pat

  14. Thank you so much again for the fabric and charts my friend and I will put them to good use. Pat

  15. I'm so sorry about your eye problems and I hope things improve soon.
    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that chair! What a find for only $60!!! An absolute treasure.

  16. The chair is magnificent and your stitching is progressing nicely. Hope that eye starts cooperating soon!

  17. I love your chair Jennifer !!! That was a great deal! Hope that eye greats better soon. I am loving all your designs !!!

  18. So sorry to hear about your eye issues Jennifer! I will keep you in my prayers...

    I just love your chair...what a beautiful find and at such a great price too. I also love all the furniture you purchased from Dot...gorgeous pieces!

    I hadn't heard about the Ann Hill sampler before, but now I am going to have to go try to find looks beautiful.

    Happy Stitchin'

  19. Sorry to hear about your eye problems. Hope you are well again sooner than expected. What a deal you got on that chair. And you're comfortable in it for stitching!

  20. Love your new chair. What a wonderful find. Hope you eye is doing better soon. Sorry about your past, you sound like a "glass is half full" person. You will be in my prayers.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  21. ouch :( hope you start to feel better soon :) love love that chair .. great stitching chair indeed :0 well done on the bargain find :) take care and happy stitching love mouse xxxx

  22. Jennifer'
    So sorry to read that you are having more eye troubles. Sounds very uncomfortable - I hope the mess work quickly for you.

    Oh my goodness - I absolutely love your new chair!!! Such a perfect fit for your house!! Enjoy!!

  23. Sorry to hear that yours eyes are still bothering you. At least you caught this problem early instead of just "toughing it out" and then when it's so much of a problem, it's hard to correct.

    The stitching chair looks lovely. I used to stitch primarily in the recliner when I lived at home but I don't have one now and my husband would be forever stealing it anyway so I stitch wherever I can and not be interrupted by little fingers (mainly the ones belonging to the 18 month old, the 4 month old just pulls my hair at this point). I do miss that lazyboy though.

    I noticed the nice looking magnifier with light. Has that been helping offset the eye problem?

  24. I've suffered from Iritis in the past (a few times)so I can just imagine the pain you must be going thru. Hope the eye gets better soon. I LOVE the chair, it looks just perfect in your picture.

  25. Jennifer~I have not commented here before but must today just say to you, you are beautiful inside and out! You are a survivor and a wonderful accomplished person. Many will read and gain strength from you.

    "I love your CHAIR" what a find~~just meant for you.
    Keep using the eye drops and eyes moist...I have you in my thoughts & orayers for more help with this issue. Our eyes are so important.
    I just had cataract surgery & it did great 20/ hubby did too.
    He has a swell behind his eyes, does not effect his sight.

    Audio books with the themes of stitching, knitting and sewing are available for when you are resting your eyes.
    Hugz~~have a great week end, hugs from your new friend in stitching.

  26. Your eye problem sounds really painful. I know how it feels to have a contact lens stick to my eye, but I can't imagine having tissue ripped off. Ouch! Your new chair looks great and I know you will spend many hours sitting and stitching.

  27. So sorry to hear about your eye. I have very poor eyesight and loosing what I have is a constant fear. Hang in there! I love your "new" chair. Enjoy! Rose

  28. Sorry you are dealing with so much eye issues.

    I absolutely love your new stitching chair.

  29. I hope your eye gets better soon. My Husband has had some bad eye problems as well. After 7 surgeries and thousands of dollars. He can now see 20/30 with glasses. We are both thrilled and pray that the last of his eye problems are done and over with.

  30. I don't have the words to take away your pain. I wish I did, All I can do is send you healing thoughts and wishes. Take comfort in knowing you have many friends in this world. Blessings and love

  31. I love the chair!!
    Take care.

  32. Wow, that chair is surely a beauty!
    I bet it's comfortable too.
    Pat-Pat for Abbie. :)

  33. So sorry about the eye pain...hopefully the meds will bring healing and relief. Love, love, love that stitching chair! It is beautiful! Hope your day is good and you can get some stitching done sitting in that wonderful chair!!

  34. Jennifer, my prayers are with you, for your eye to be healed and no longer painful. You are so amazing how you persevere, despite everything.

    Your new stitching chair is just beautiful. Hope that you find many happy hours sitting in it, enjoying lots of stitching!

    Take good care of yourself. Blessings and Hugs coming your way:)

  35. Hi Jennifer! I have very dry eyes and did the same thing you did a few years back. Opened them up and tore my cornea. Not pleasant! Hope it heals up quickly for you

    Love love love your new chair! Congrats on a great find!

  36. I'm a survivor too, but my husband kept the damage to where it couldn't be seen. Torso, shoulders, back, and (unfortunately) kidneys. I'm glad you don't consider yourself a victim anymore. Good for you!!!! Keep up the good work! I will say a prayer for your sight! Your AH is going to be pretty. I like the flower color. And your new stitching chair is gorgeous!!! Grats on such a great find!

  37. Jennifer, I love your chair! It's perfect that is for sure. I'm so sorry that people's cruel actions haunt for so many years. I'm with you! Domestic violence should not be tolerated in the least bit. My prayers are with you.


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