Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

I'm sixteen today. Yep, today is my birthday! I enjoy life/food.......aren't they the same thing?
My daddy gave me some pizza, OOOOOOOH, my favorite. He cuts it in little pieces but I still make a mess. My mommy gave me some corn-on the cob. I really prefer the Pizza if I have a choice........shhhh, don't tell my mommy cause she loves me soooooo much!

Some folks don't understand why my mommy and daddy still put up with me. I"m messy, my hair is all loved off, and I'm totally blind. I have to stop and think how lucky I really am.

But, I still enjoy life and especially~~~~~dinner time, and back rubs, oh my, back rubs........
I think I'll work on seventeen next! Pssst. Excuse my mess at the dinner mommy or daddy will clean it up......


  1. Oh dearest Ren. Happy sweet 16. Hugs and many happy tails. From Parsley and her crew.

  2. Sweet sixteen and I'm sure that you're mom and dad have given you tons of kisses. Looks like they're feeding you very well too! Very Happy Birthday Ren.

  3. Happy Sweet 16 cute little Ren! You're gorgeous.

  4. I know I'm late I was a very busy boy all weekend, but I have to say it anyway. Happy Birthday you sweet, sweet old man. Ren, may you bring more years of love to Mommy and Daddy.
    Rory, who is just a little guy of six months.
    (oh, and his Mommy, Kathy)

    PS. What a sign. M word verification for this comment is exactly what Ren has been for his sixteen years. Blessing!


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