Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random Thoughts for Today

My mind is full of random thoughts today. I had many things to get done on this bright, sunny first day of October! The drive to work was beautiful. A bite was in the air this morning (although for me it felt good LOL). My coffee tastes better in the Fall on the way to work. The humidity is gone and the drier air is nice.

Besides getting my drivers license renewed........not online like a smart person would do......nope, I let mine expire and kept putting if off to enter that lovely, nice, Ga. Dept of Motor Vehicles to sit with other various and sundry folks getting their license. It was an interesting wait actually, especially if you are an analytical person. The greeter at the front desk was actually very nice and laughed at me and scolded me then for my license expiring. I told him, yes sir, I'm guilty.

Then another lady came in and she had to have worked at Hooters. I really thought that she probably was going to burst out of her top at any given moment but thank goodness they didn't ask her to bend to do a eye exam there or....oh my............LOL You know, kinda like an open biscuit can........but extreme!

You know when you are called and given a number and your number starts flashing so that everyone can see you line up in the part 2/the picture........well, this woman (the Hooters woman) actually sat next to me and asked me to tell them she had to run into the bathroom to freshen up her hair and eyeshadow for the picture. I'm sure my eyes got quite large when she said that. It was only 2 seconds later that they called me for my mugshot so, whew! The experience was then over!

I came home and noticed that the bananas we bought this past week that were all green as grass look like this today. One batch has ripened and one did not. Strange.
Thomas stares at his bowl and really eats now about 5 times daily. I guess he is storing up for the winter........LOL

Our wood is ready and begging to start a fire. I love the fireplace. We are going to build our first one for the season tonight.........cozy, cozy, cozy! Now Body Guard is the fire building expert. I don't know if it was Boy Scout experience or the Reserves or what, but he builds the best fires.
Me, I can if I have a huge chunk of fat lighter......

I'm wondering where I will put our swing. I have to find a good tree. I do have a few choices here......LOL

Another sign of testosterone is building fires outside. My hubbie built us a firepit in the yard, or actually he moved one from one side of the property to another. He does a great job and has it meticulously ready for our fire outside. Fires outside make me nervous but.........this one has all rocks around it so getting ready for S'more time......

Ruby waits patiently at the front. She is the head of the pack or so they say.
Our cozy spot on the Earth.......

But I zoom in and go........what is this? Anybody see what is different in this gathering of Fall items? Yeppers, shoes. BG evidently thinks this makes a good shoe rack...........hmmmmm.....well, at least they match the autumn colors.............LOL

The mums have bloomed.

Our summer ivy needs some trimming.........There's no telling what's under all that.......nope, don't want to think about it..............

Well, now it's time to figure out what's for supper. The daily question that we all ponder after lunch. Think tonight we will just cook some frozen pizzas and cozy up by the fire.
I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!


  1. Love all your photos. I can see us sipping hot tea on your porch looking at the trees. (and petting the dogs) ;)

  2. Cool! just drop by and I'll be glad to fix a cup of tea! ;)



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