Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The day after Monday......

Today is quite better than yesterday. I'm off today. Yesterday was a long, nothing I can blog in a public domain about, but stressful 10/10 day at work........So,
after sleeping from 8pm to 9am this morning I'm feeling better.

Also got news my CT scan shows no enlargement of the cyst in the lung so that is really good news.

I love Jackie O here in this pic. Look at those glasses! I suppose she had a day like today when it was windy and bright and sunny! Such a welcome from all the rains we had lately. Fall is definitely in the air and the leaves will show their beauty in just a couple of weeks I'm sure.

Tonight I plan to start block 3, I'm going ......anyminniemyniemoe, which one? Well, I think it will be the block that says Freedom........but my mind could change on that by tonight.....LOL

Things I need to do today.................

read alot

rest alot

laundry........oh my......mood change.......

enjoy the outside sunshine.....

go the Animal Shelter and look for a cashmere gray kitty......

look through my new sewing machine's CD instructional stuff........

getting a grip on "floss control"---that's floss that needs sorting and putting away from the last 3 projects. This accumulates on my stitching chair. I forget what color goes where and then I remember that I am almost a half century old so this forgetful minutes will pass, I hope. LOL

My love to do list but probably won't includes:

going to my fave prim shops and looking at all the Fall stuff

going through antique stores and finding treasures

having a spic and span clean house by the end of the day with no laundry piles......

going to my local LNS for new stash.......

going to my local quilt shop and taking advantage of their 10 fat quarters for 15.00 bucks through Sept 30.....and that's tomorrow.....so this might be a possiblity. ;)


  1. Enjoy your day today. Praise the Lord for good news on your health issue. You know how to reach me if you need to talk. Hugs.

  2. Good news on your tests. Hooray!
    The Smithsonian Gift Shop sells those Jackie O glasses - they are BIG. lol


  3. Enjoy your day off, but if it was me looking at that list - I'd go for all those great things that you listed last! Yeah, the house will always continue to make itself dirty and will always be there - live for the day!!

  4. Tanya, I've been to the Smithsonian Gift shop twice now. On our last trip the shop expanded.
    My hubbie got me one of the reproduction Jackie bracelets. Its the engagement bracelet..It's beautiful! I've always wanted the pearl necklace repro.
    I think I may pass on the glasses though, although I do wear quite large sunglasses, some people tell me I look like Jackie O! LOL


  5. Jennifer, that's fabulous news about your CT scan! I hope you got to do at least one of the things today that was on your "love to do" list :^)


  6. I hope your day is much better today! Take it easy and enjoy it, stressful days like yesterday come and go, butyou deserve a nice relaxing day to regroup!


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