Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still enjoying life......

Ren is still enjoying life. He got so excited that I was cooking spaghetti tonight that he and his plate became one at one point!

Don't miss a crumb.....

make sure you lick the plate clean.......and make a complete mess for mommie to clean up. Makes it more fun!
and when his front and back feet slide together while he eats, he really is saying, "man, this is great!" Almost like the Twister game to watch him eat........

Life should be like this.......don't miss the good parts, leave the bad parts and what the heck with all the rest! ;)
P. S. His clean T-shirts are in the dryer............bless his little bones. He's working on his 17th year now.....he loves me when I come home. Between him and my hubbie, I know I"m loved, despite all the other dysfunctional stuff from other folks i.e. furbabies and husband are glad to see me, and hear from me. He don't mind our house at all. He thinks it's down-right comfortable.
All the rest is .......well........all the rest. They can revel in their dysfunctions. This makes coming home for me worth it. And saving lives at work also make life worth living. I am a very lucky person to have such surrounding me. Forget the rest, that will never understand. They don't want to understand. There is a difference of really living the truth and dwelling in mistruths and hypocritical thinking. I'm fortunate to have real love in my home and my favorite phrase of "it is what it is" is how I respond to people who try to live two lives and blame their faults on me.
Here's hoping that you are surrounded by people who love you in your home!


  1. Does Ren think he's Italian instead of Latino?

  2. yep, he does have a strong liking for Italian food! LOL
    Pizza, spaghetti, fettaccini alfredo

  3. I tell you that dog thinks the house "staff" works for him. We cook, clean, make his bed, take him out, fill the water dish, and take care of the messy bobos. I only hope the staff get a christmas bonus this year.

  4. What a doggie! My mother had her dog for close to twenty years. He was her baby and the unconditional love that he showed her was the reason she got through her brain surgery and years battling lupus. My doggie has had cancer for over three years and is in remission. He is the one that greets me daily when I return from work and could care less what the house looks like...he just loves my company. I truly understand!

    Evelyn in Newport News.


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