Thursday, October 1, 2009

Slowly but surely.......

Slow progress tonight. Filled in another border. Then started on the inside of the border which is inside another border.... ;0

I'm glad it didn't show too much in pictures but I read what these places in linen are called that are like extra threads all matted up-----slubs. I read that the more the slubs the less quality of the linen. I haven't run across but one slub yet, it was about 2 inches long though. Fortunately it was exactly over the bronzie color at the top under the Freedom word. The threads covered it better than usual. Do you have trouble covering slubs? It's a natural part of linen and really not a problem unless the design calls for stitching over them. Then, it's a challenge.

My goal is to finish this block and start the small block with the date underneath this one tomorrow.
Because, you know, tomorrow is another day.....according to Scarlett. And speaking of Scarlett, I hope to get her started after this one as my next big project, with little projects in between.........Scarlett is feeling neglected in my sewing basket right now. LOL


  1. I love your progress! Are you going to put it in the called for frame from Crescent Colours? When I do mine, I think I am....

  2. Looks good Jennifer! I hate those slubs or whatever they're called. I've run into a couple of them with Ann. Sometimes they're not so hard to cover, other times they are. I certainly hope my fabric isn't inferior - I paid an arm and a leg for it!

    Can't wait to see Scarlett. Hope that you start her soon.

  3. Hey Vonna, yes, I have the Crescent Colors frame and it's sitting right next to my dining room buffet table. It's so beautiful and my inspiration to get this done----Get R done......LOL

    Deb, no that does mean it's inferior, oh please, I didn't mean that. I just read that somewhere about the fabric used in cross stitch and I finally found a name for those buggers.
    Yep, I found that any linen is pretty doggone expensive. My hubbie can't believe what 1 yard of R and R cost!!!


  4. hey, Deb, I meant to type that doesn't mean ........I'm not typing so good this morning......

  5. Great progress on this one. I really like this pattern too.

  6. Your progress is wonderful! I can't wait to see it completed!

  7. This is such a beautiful WIP.

    I don't mind slubs very much, unless there are a great number of them. There was one good-sized (meaning huge) one in the green side of my last biscornu, thankfully it was covered in a bit of stitching and didn't look terrible.


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