Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Evening Around the House

Ready for a walk, girls? This all we have to say about 6pm. They take position in the front to watch when we are ready.
As I was about to go to another room, to get walking shoes and reentered the kitchen, I heard the snoring and saw this. Ren might as well say "Housekeeping............ housekeeping please"
He's done with supper and has arranged his blanket in this fashion with just his nose and butt showing~~~~with a dinner mess to clean up. But, he's snoringly happy to stay here while we go walking.
I saw this in my yard and thought it was pretty.

This bush has gone crazy and needs trimming. They grow so fast we can't keep up with them. This year there are loads of bulbs on this one, fuschia pink too!!! If they bloom all at once I will have to get a pic next week.

This is our destination. We liked to walk until we see this peaking high above. This is Mount Yonah.

By the way, these folks like the color White. They own 2 white cars, a white house, with a white door. I haven't been inside of it but I bet all the walls are white too....LOL

It's getting late, early now.

Here's the Body Guard on our walk this evening, coaxing me to keep going after we went up the first big hill. He has a walking stick he carved out, which comes in handy to keep the critters, like bear and mean dogs at bay.

Look at this!.. A first for me is to see mushrooms grow through the pavement and push it aside.

This is a random picture------but while we are here.....this is the new black prim frame I ordered for our dancing pic.

Oh and I forgot to show you the backing of the pillowkeep. I love it, a small colonial blue and red paisley.

Where did the weekend go? Poof, went by fast, oh so very fast. I did get some stitching done this morning but not as much as I would have liked to, mostly worked on the borders in the Heart of America and started a new section.

Hope you had a fun weekend!


  1. Well we've seen the Dr. dancing, now he shows us even more talent on a pogo stick...I'm impressed!

  2. Oh, Vonna, you make me laugh girl!
    Yeppers, there's Dr. Phil again!
    He can do all kinds of stuff! LOL


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