Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go away, Come Back another Day!

Ren is in my arms today, helping me blog...........he has days he thinks my arms are the best place to be! :0

Woke up this morning with the smell of cheese eggs in the griddle, toast and coffee perking!
I slept very good and until about 11 am because the sound of rain on our tin roof is conducive for sleep.

Body Guard decided to wake me with a surprise gently as he knows I'm definitely a little grumpy in the morning. Him, well, he is a morning person and can jump right up and into the day he goes----me, I gradually have to wake up and don't talk alot at first.

So waking to breakfast was a nice thing. It has rained so hard and for so long our dry creek ( or as our country neighbors call it CRICK) is now a functioning creek/ CRICK! ;0

Body Guard put on his rain gear and headed out to the back of our property to get a few pics of the creek.

Ruby decided to cross over following Body Guard.

Raven, my girl, decided to watch and wait.

I'm enjoying my coffee now and in between trying to feel not too guilty about not cleaning the house this weekend but stitching instead.

There was just issued a Flood Warning (not watch), so flooding is imminent but living on a mountain assures us that we are not in a flood zone so thank goodness for that.

This is day 7 of rain. I'm starting to feel Seasonal Affective disorder already which is conflicting with my PTSD and makes for a real bummer mood. I need the sunshine bad!

I had a scare with Ren last week so I'm watching him carefully. One evening he completely lost feeling in his back leg and side and couldn't get up. He was struggling so hard with his other side. Scared me to death! This lasted about 3 minutes but it felt like 15. He was alright after that and hasn't done that again but I don't know if that is a warning of something more serious.

Well, hope you are staying dry and the sun is out where you are!


  1. Oh little Ren. What a darling!

    Did he have temporary paralysis? Could it have been a small blood clot or a mild stroke? I'd perhaps consider checking with the vet about a very small daily dose of asprin.

    Hope he doesn't give you any more scares!

    Hugs to all.

  2. I did think of that, maybe a TIA. BG wanted to take him to the vet the next day but we held off because he got better. That is an excellent idea about an aspirin and will call the vet first thing in the morning because I don't know the dose for 5 lb dog. It probably would also help some of his arthritis as well. I know people will think I'm nuts because he is so old and will inevidently pass one day but oh it's hard letting go and I know I can't prevent everything but I want him to be as comfortable as possible while he is here.
    Thank you so much for your suggestion!!!

  3. I don't think you're crazy. You want his last days, however many there are, to be comfortable and as normal as possible.

    Keep us updated. You know we care.

    Would love to know how many mg to give per pound myself. My guess is 1/4 of a baby aspirin with a meal to avoid stomach issues.

  4. yes, I will keep you posted. Will call the vet tomorrow. I'm guessing I will have to put it in a little piece of cheese to get him to take it. It's funny, he won't let my husband give him medicine but me, I hold him in my arms and so loudly, "medicine" and he opens his mouth spontaneously and doesn't growl. My husband does that and he won't cooperate......funny little feller!

  5. I hope that Ren is better today. My first thought was that maybe the leg just fell asleep! But considering the age. And you don't want to let him go - my sister's cocker spaniel lived until it was 17 years old - blind and deaf but still a sweetheart and so close to your heart.

    Hope your rain clears up soon - I think it's inching northward and we're going to get some tonight.

  6. Deb, can you believe that I just heard on the TV weather forecast that we are not going to see the sun for 5-7 more days! OMG
    I'll need a canoe to go to work tomorrow.


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