Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tomorrow's challenge

Well, I've been kinda quiet about a health issue but need your prayers. Tomorrow I have a second CT scan of the chest. My last one showed a mass that has grown from last year. They think it's benign but will see tomorrow. I really don't have symptoms, like cough or pain. They incidentally found it when they did the MRI of my thoracic spine last summer, I didn't follow up in January and then the MRI of the thoracic spine again this past summer showed a bigger area.
They think it's just scar tissue from an episode of pneumonia a few years ago, but not sure. Last year, 5 mm and now this year 2 cm. Might be looking at a bronchoscope in the future.
I'm just a little nervous about it now. I've had so much else going on that I have put it back in my mind but we'll see what this shows tomorrow.
Had to put my stitching down tonight. I pulled a splinter out of my right middle finger this afternoon and since then it has swollen up and made a blister. Kinda painful. May need some antibiotics tomorrow.
Of all fingers my middle finger. What embarrassment to show the doc that it's infected and show him that finger.....LOL
Nite nite.


  1. I hope the scan showed that it is just a scar and nothing serious.

  2. Oh my gosh Jennifer. I will pray for you and cross all fingers that it turns out all right. Just get it sorted out as soon as possible.

  3. Jennifer, I'm sending positive thoughts to you all the way from Canada for your test today. Take care...


  4. Will be thinking of you Jennifer...I certainly hope it all turns out upsetting for you. I will pray...

  5. Jennnifer - I'll be sending you good thoughts and prayers all day to you!

    And about the middle finger - think like my kids - if that happened to them - they'd be proud to show that middle finger off. I guess we all have to revert to childish ways sometimes. Don't be embarrassed.

  6. LOTS of Love, Hugs, and Prayers coming your way ASAP!!!

    Will be thinking of you and hoping everything goes smoothly and that everything comes out alright.

  7. Oh dear! I'm worried for you. Please keep us updated. I'm praying RIGHT NOW and will continue in days to come.

    Careful with that finger. Show a doc the wrong one and he's liable to give you a shot with a big needle to teach you a lesson! lol (comic relief is not my forte but I had to try)

  8. Hope everything goes well tomorrow, Jennifer. Let us know how it all turns out.

  9. I'm thinking about you, Jennifer. Take good care and let us know how it goes today.


  10. I will add you to my prayer list. Now get the bodyguard to kiss your booboo and make it better.


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