Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Happy Day!

Meghan and Shawn came here after a 5 hour drive from Statesboro. BG put the steaks in a marinate sauce this morning so they would be ready for grilling. I oven baked potatoes, shucked and cooked fresh corn on the cob, a mixed salad, croissants, and fresh peach cobbler with whipping cream for dessert! The visit went well. The food turned out great and the visit did too.

I can't tell you how many times I went up and down stairs and I actually strained my neck bending and lifting something out the recesses of our deep cabinets, but it will get better with rest, hopefully.

Of course the day is 100% rain and thunderstorms. This is the first time I met Shawn and he was a really cool guy! I think he ate a second bowl of my peach cobbler.....but I did too!

She had alot, I mean alot more in boxes than she ever thought so they will have to get the rest on another trip. It's really hard when all the members of the family are pac rats!!!! Oh my lands at the stuff!
Here we are each with her in a picture. She painted the picture over the fireplace several years ago. I just love it so I though that would be the perfect place to stand.

Of course there is one thing about being a needleworker.......I found more needles around the house than you can imagine as I was cleaning up this morning. I even cleaned out my stitching chair! LOL

They are off now to Helen to enjoy visiting friends while up for an overnight trip. I wish it was not pouring rain outside so Shawn could really see the beauty of the little Bavarian village and the mountains.

Well, I"m getting ready to call it a cozy afternoon and work on my stitching.


  1. So glad for your happy visit. She's a lovely girl.

    I couldn't find a beginner project today. :( I'll let you know when I get one.

    Have a wonderful day...even in the rain.

  2. I'm glad the visit went well! Can you believe this downpour?

  3. Great to hear the visit went great. Love that picture of you and your daughter.

  4. Thanks so much Gabi!!!

    Parsley, I think I have one that is a kit already together and I've had it awhile. It has Aida in it which is a good start. It has several Labradors on it. If I find stash is crazy disorganized right now or another beginner one I've tucked away, then I'll send it to you!!
    Stitching is great stress relief.

    Michelle, No, I can't believe how much rain we have gotten in the past 2 weeks. It's so depressing to see gray skies every day. I would think Lake Lanier is about full now and it was pretty dry.
    Yes, the biggest downpour was when they were trying to load the car.
    But, thankfully we grilled before the downpour started....whew!


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