Thursday, September 24, 2009


Candy Corn~~~~~~~~

And babies the normal size like on the left vs. the 19 lb one on the right born today in Indonesia~~~~~~

Oh, it's that time of year again for candy corn!!!! Sinful, delicious bright candy corn. I'm the type of person who likes to savor every section of one, you know bite the white part, then the yellow, then the orange last. Weird, I know.

I feel like I've traveled around the world today, went to 3 cities, one to work in, one to get that CT in, and then back to another one to run some errands. I won't know the results of the CT probably until Monday. I was speeding along in my little rent a car, one my husband calls "a beer can on wheels" LOL. But the gas mileage was great in it that's for sure.
The dealership called and my car is ready. They had to replace the entire windowshield. There was a factory defect......and it was leaking........and I told them I knew that it was leaking.......that's why I was wet when I got to work......LOL
So they dried it all out, replaced some of the padding the floor. and the front windshield. After we picked it up tonight, we kinda felt high off all the chemical smell in it now from the mold guard in it.....Whew!

Tonight we went to Walmart and Candy Corn was out and oh, I love it!
So, it's like potatoe chips, you can't eat just one. Or one handful.........LOL

I've gotten lazy tonight. Of course, I watch Nancy Grace EVERY night. Alot of people don't like her but I think she is very passionate about being a crime victim advocate and a great lawyer. I love following her cases. Just puts things in perspective.......;)

No, really, she has a personal interest in crime advocacy and she used to be prosecuting attorney here in this state and they say she never lost a trial. I believe it.

Yep, woke up with a swollen icky finger so wrapped it up and after clinic was over, I did a little minor surgery on myself and it's much better........actually much better. Body Guard kissed it and made it feel extra better too.

Speaking of hurting, please read this taken from the headlines tonight. My bottom is hurting just reading this.
"Attention moms! Can we have your attention please? To everyone who likes to brag about giving birth to 8, 9, even 10-lb. babies, we advise you keep quiet around Ani from Indonesia. The woman recently delivered a 19.2-lb. bruiser, the heaviest newborn ever recorded in the country.

For those wondering if this baby boy (as of yet unnamed, but we suggest "Hulk") is the heaviest newborn in history, the answer is no. The record belongs to an American infant born in 1879. He weighed 23 pounds, 12 ounces. Sadly, he died a few hours after being born. An ABC station reports that the heaviest baby to survive weighed 22 lbs., 8 ounces. We sure hope the big guy was always extra-nice to his mother. "

Ok, now 19 and 23 lbs are something I cannot even fathom!

So, see what blessings we all can count today???


  1. That baby was C-section I hope!

    Oh, yes, candy corn. One of the reasons I love fall. I have held the bags in my hands twice over the last two weeks and each time have shown restraint.

    Next time, that sweet yummy goodness is coming home with me.

  2. Never was into the candy corn myself...My friends in labour I hope she gets a little baby not the heavy one ouch!

  3. OMW....We are three sisters indeed! I have 2 bags sitting in my pantry (CVS had a 2 for sale) and I too have been spending some quiet time secretly cuddling my bags :) What's not to love love love about Candy Corn! I have made a promise to myself that i will wait until October 1st to pur those heavenly morsels out into a bowl for all to enjoy.

    Now the real question: Do you just pop the candy corn into your mouth, or do you bite each layer? :)

    Now, sending lots of hugs and prayers for the CT results....please keep us posted, dear friend :)

    Oh and one more thing :) Performing surgery on yourself? Woman! I am getting the impression that we have a Dr. in our presence :)

    Hugs kiddo

  4. Hope you hear some good news on Monday!

    Yes, it is a good thing candy corns only come once a year!

  5. yes, I certainly hope that was a C-section!

    Karyn, I'm a nurse practitioner, not a physician, but we do similar procedures and are providers.
    That did save me a copay of whoknowswhat and it is better.
    Nothing major.

    Candy corn, bite by bite, I've already had some with breakfast this morning......bad girl! :)

  6. Layer by layer on the candy corn. That's the way I eat it too.

  7. My prayers are with you for the C scan. You are in my thoughts and prayers for only the best of news.

    I also love Candy Corn and have since childhood. Something about it makes me feel like a kid again.

  8. Oh, and they have the pumpkins like candy corn know. They are pretty much pure sugar too.
    Think I might grab me some candy corn now to get the energy back to finish boxing and cleaning all this stuff. Where does it all come from ???????????? LOL


  9. OMW the pumpkins are my most favorite candy evah!


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