Monday, September 21, 2009

Framed Blue House Sampler

The Blue House Sampler
designer--Tanya Anderson
The Sampler Girl
Threads--Crescent Colors and Bell Soie
Linen--32 count Vintage Examplar


  1. gorgeous! simply gorgeous, my dear....I love the frame with the sampler too :)

    Congratulations and hugs :)

  2. You must of been SO excited when your frame arrived today! VERY NICE!! :^) Can you share your framing technique?

  3. That looks fantastic. Where will you hang it?

  4. Awesome job! i love it and the frame sets it off perfectly!

  5. Beautiful frame, and gorgeous stitching, of course!
    Yes please tell us about how you frame. So many people do it a bit differently. Do you use spacers so that your stitching doesn't touch the glass? I'm undecided about that one.

  6. Hey...shouting out to make sure you are alright this morning...I am watching GMA and it's looking very wet and flooded in your neck of the woods....let us know that everything is alright and you, the bodyguard and the dogs are safe, friend :)

    Hugs and please stay safe :)

  7. Wonderful frame for this one - great!! I know you're glad that grass fill-in is done. LOL


  8. Thanks for all the nice comments on this piece. I was so excited to get the frame in yesterday.

    I am still contemplating on where to put it but most likely in the family room.

  9. Tracie and Gabi---

    I wish I could say I had this detailed, maticulated perfect technique for framing. But I really simply do this.
    1. Iron the heck out of it, the back mostly. I spray a little starch on it and even use a little steam iron. I've not had any colors to bleed doing that so far.

    2.I take the frame apart, clean the glass with Windex and put back in first.
    3.Then I either use the cardboard provided or use acid=free mounting board from Hobby Lobby. The acid free mounting board is sticky but not too sticky that you can't lift and reaarange. I just work at it till it is straight, tweaking areas.
    4. put the cloth covered board in next, I use no spacers but I do use the glass.
    5. I either lace the back or fold over the excess cloth and use quilting pins to hold
    6. I put the last cardboard piece over that and

    that's it for me.
    I've been happy with it and had no problems. I know some folks go into detail and tack their pieces with on the edge with nail like thingies but I don't do that. Mine stays tight as is.

  10. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer! Your framing instructions sound as simple as can be :^) I must get busy with a couple of mine that are just waiting to go into their frames...


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