Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If the creek don't rise........

Now, this morning I thought about the real meaning of some of these mountain folk phrases. When we first moved here, one of our neighbors down the road really welcomed us and he is nice as he can be. He has some mannerisms and sayings that would make me and BodyGuard laugh.

He would call alot to say "I seen the bare again" and his first statement when you answer the phone would be "I ain't hinderin' ya am I, am I hinderin' ya?" LOL

Now, after all this rain, I can understand the saying "if the creek don't rise". That means, "I'll be there most likely" LOL

Evidently when horse and buggy were the mode of transportation people would say this.

Another nice neighbor brought us a house warming gift of a large jar of Moonshine. I had never seen that before. Hint: it's very strong, yucky tasting stuff!

And another neighbor brought us an old rusted horseshoe for a wedding present. Supposed to mean good luck. For a long time I didn't even know what we did with it until BG said "Oh yeah, it's under your car seat in the car" He put it there because he knows I'm not a good driver.....thought that was funny.

I love the mountains though. But I have never seen as much rain as we had this week. We are fine here at home because our house is hanging on the side of a mountain. Our backyard goes straight down hill. But, there are some scarey pictures of folks nearer to Gwinnet County and Atlanta. Even yesterday driving home, I almost hydroplaned through a dip in the road. I saw a car in front of me hydroplane. I was a nervous wreck when I got home. Of course, I'm in a rent a car and praying that I didn't wreck this one! My car is at the dealership being taken apart to dry out and find where the leak is. I know where it is. Dripping cold on my leg going to work...LOL

Lake Lanier, the large lake around Gainesville, where I work, had significant drought levels for 2 years but now it's filled up.
I looked at the local news last night and in parts of middle Georgia and more west of us, got significant flooding. There were 15 counties declared a disaster.

Me, I'm fine, enjoying my cinnamon coffee this morning and catching up on blog reading. It's not raining this morning here but still cloudy. The only bright spot in the yard is the white car sitting in front...........and my Mums.

I will post a pic of my progress on Heart of America today. Unfortunately I slept on the couch more than I got stitching done last night. BG said I was first sleeping sitting up straight and he had never seen me do that before. But, it was a long day, what can I say? LOL


  1. Glad you're not affected by all the rain. Sounds horrible from what I've heard on the news. And you know girl, you post too quick - didn't see your framed piece - looks wonderful!

  2. Thanks, Deb!
    Yes, we made national news tonight I see. Anderson Cooper had some pictures.
    Such a loss for alot of people didn't have flood insurance. Sad.



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